3 ways technology can help your PT business grow

If you are a personal trainer and run your own business, you will know how much effort goes into making it grow. With so much competition out there, getting key things like your finances and marketing in order are not to be ignored. To help make this all a bit simpler, many fitness coaches now use the latest online tech and platforms. But what benefits can they bring to stimulate further growth in your business?

1. Easier payments

If your payment process is fiddly or outdated, then it can put people off using your services. So many of us now do not carry money around for example, so asking clients to pay in this way is not wise. In simple terms, you have to cater to what your clients want – in the modern age, this will mainly be the ability to pay online.

Tech platforms, like My PT Hub, are invaluable here as they come with the facility for clients to make recurring online payments.

2. Tracking client progress, made simpler

More so than ever before, clients will want you to keep them updated with how they are progressing and if they are hitting set goals. If you still rely on paper records, then this can be tricky and time-consuming. Not only do you have to record the data manually but you then need to bring it all together to answer their questions. Modern online fitness platforms make this much easier.

The My PT Hub app for example includes a data tracking tool, so you can easily monitor clients’ progress and keep them on track.

3. A more personal service

Customisation is key to succeeding as a personal trainer in the modern business world. If you offer the same experience and programme to each client, they will go somewhere else. The right technology here can help with personalising your offering. It gives you the chance to create bespoke training programmes based on what each person wants to achieve and tailored diet plans to help them make it. This in turn will help you attract and retain more clients.

To round up, it’s plain to see that technology is key for any modern personal trainer. Tech in the fitness industry is on a drastic rise, with wearable tech and platforms becoming ever-present. So, just grab the bull by the horn and jump on the tech bandwagon.

Here at My PT Hub, our mobile and web app gives a one-stop online platform for PTs and their clients. Our easy to use app allows you to not only track clients progress but also create customisable training programmes and diet plans.

Sign-up today for your 30-day free trial and see how our tech can help your business grow!