3 Ways to Streamline Your Fitness Client Check-Ins

Before we get into it, if you’re not already regularly checking in with your clients, you really should be… Client check-ins are one of the most effective ways to not only keep clients on track but actually retain clients. Both face-to-face and online!

Many of you will have a set day per week for your clients to check in with you. Whether that’s updating their measurements, weight and progress photos or simply talking about how their past week or month has been. This leads us on nicely to our first point.

1. Specific days

Allocating a specific day for your client check-ins should be something you initiate from the beginning. This not only helps free up time on your other days to concentrate on work, programming and everything else associated with being a coach but means you will spend less time chasing clients up.

Let’s say that you set your check-in day to be every Saturday with check-ins having to be sent by 12noon. This then means that you know by that day and time, all clients would have sent over the required information. Allowing you to respond, make any changes required and answer any questions they may have, all before the new week starts.

Did you know you can set this up as part of a Schedule on My PT Hub? This means that your clients will receive a push notification on the morning of their check-in day without you lifting a finger!

2. Everything in one place

As a coach, you want all client information, workouts and more in one easy to access area. That’s where My PT Hub comes in.

My PT Hub enables you to precisely track what your clients have been up to over the past days, weeks and months, all through the client activity feed. View logged workouts, nutrition plans, updated measurements and more! Come check-in day, all you have to do is open up your client’s profile and you have everything you need right in front of you.

Have a client who is keen to see how their specific lifts are progressing? Open up the results tracker (found at the top of the client profile) and select ‘Specific exercises’ from the 8 different trackable categories. Once you have selected the exercise(s) you wish to view progress for, you will see clearly plotted graphs showing any increase or decreases in weight lifted and reps performed.

3. Set rules

This isn’t to say you need to go all military on your clients, but it is key to set some ground rules.

When you first sign-up a new client, let them know your guidelines, expectations and check-in process. Show them that you care but also that your time is valuable. The sooner your client knows that each week they have to check-in by a specific time, send over their progress photos in a set format (natural daylight, plain background, front on, side on, back and then posed) along with their average weight for the week, the sooner they’ll fall into your routine and your time can be spent on programming upcoming weeks or months.

So there we have it! If you’re looking to increase time management and improve your service offered, slowly look to implement the above!

Remember, at first, some clients are resilient to change and you may find yourself chasing them up, but with rules in place, you’ll soon find everyone following suit and smashing their goals!

Written by Ben Godfrey, My PT Hub Marketing Executive.