5 of the Best Personal Training Podcasts

Podcasts are insightful and easy to digest. They are an amazing source of knowledge. Plus, there are some brilliant podcasts for personal trainers out there for free!

By spending just 30 minutes a day listening to a podcast, your knowledge will increase and you’ll be on your way to success in the field. You might even pick up a few tricks of the trade to boost your business.

We’ve identified some of the best podcasts for personal trainers on the market that we believe can really help PTs, just like you, on a daily basis.

1. The Hubcast

Who? My PT Hub’s Head of Support, Ryan Hallett.

What? We couldn’t write a blog post about podcasts without The Hubcast now, could we? Each week, Ryan talks all things Fitness, Personal Training, and Business Tips with industry experts and professionals.

Where? The Hubcast is available on Apple and Google podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, and most other podcast streaming services

2. Mastery Podcast by Marc Coles

Who? Fitness expert Mark Coles

What? Marc’s podcast offers personal trainers everything they need to develop their skills in the business of fitness. He offers advice ranging from how to communicate with your clients through to business marketing and practical ideas for training sessions. His podcast is a MUST listen and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Where? Podomatic

3. The Fit Pro Masterclass

Who? Performance nutritionist and best-selling author Ru Anderson

What? The Masterclass podcast aids personal trainers with their online marketing and business. Each episode is filled to the brim with practical advice and strategies – all in just 20 minutes!

Where? Apple Podcasts

4. Phil Learney

Who? ACA Director of Education Phil Learney

What? Phil Learney is an expert in the business of health and fitness. His podcasts are full of great advice on managing clients, nutrition advice and handling your business as a personal trainer. This podcast is ideal for anyone just entering the field as a PT or an experienced PT seeking more knowledge. His podcast episodes are typically around 30 minutes in length, making it will be really easy to fit into your day.

Where? Apple Podcasts

5. Personal Trainer Collective Podcast

Who? Experienced personal trainer, Luke Johnson

What? Here is an up-and-coming podcast series that also deals with the business of personal training. Luke gives stellar advice on branding yourself as a personal trainer and making the most out of your marketing.

Where? Apple Podcasts

Get listening, folks. Podcasts are the ideal activity during workouts – or cleaning, driving, walking, working and pretty much anything!