How Personal Trainers Can Adapt & Overcome During COVID-19

When we originally wrote this blog post back in early April, I don’t think anyone could really anticipate what might happen for the rest of the year. But here we are! It’s somehow November and with everything that’s still going on in the world, we wanted to update this post and let you know My PT Hub is here to support you.

As a Personal Trainer, Club Owner or Fitness Professional working in the industry, we understand how challenging, unusual and uncertain 2020 has been.

However, one thing we do know is that there is still a huge opportunity to Adapt and Overcome during this time, whilst taking steps to future-proof your business.

Whether you have been using online software for a long time or are new to the My PT Hub family, we welcome you with open arms. We are here to support every single one of you.

Long-term approach

We’ve seen some incredibly innovative approaches to tackling the lockdowns and social distancing we’ve all been experiencing since March time. So firstly, take a step back and be proud of what you’ve achieved this year!

From a huge influx of serving your clients digitally, from Live Streaming Events to a surge in Video Content for Clients, the opportunity is still there if you want to take it.

The tips and resources we are about to share really are long term solutions for your fitness business. The current challenges we are facing are a great opportunity to make changes to your business model now that will have a long-term and lasting impact on your business. Online Coaching is not only the future, but very much the present!

1. Live Streaming Events

Alongside creating Events for your clients we recognise the importance of being able to do this virtually, whilst using your preferred streaming software. In the long-term, this removes the barrier of location from your business and can open you up to more Clients than ever before.

This feature allows you to integrate video calling software into your Calendar so that your Clients can join a live session remotely. Here are just some of the software platforms this feature is compatible with:

  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Vimeo Live
  • Go To Webinar
  • Cberlink U
  • Webex
  • Free Conference
  • Lizesize
  • Bluejeans

It’s up to you which streaming software you want to use but once you’ve chosen, you can set this up using the Event and Calendar features. 

You’ll simply be asked to add the streaming URL into the ‘Update Event’ section and any additional streaming information you want your Clients to follow.

To find out more about the Live Streaming Events feature or for help setting it up, here’s some links to follow:

2. Be with your Clients, even when you’re not

Whilst you’re not physically able to train your clients in-person that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with everything they need to carry on with their program.

Every My PT Hub account comes with Free Access to over 7,500 HD exercise videos that you can assign to Workouts.

This is a great way to help your Clients visually understand the movements required, even if you can’t physically be there with them. Here’s an example:

Want the experience to be even more personalised? No problem! 

You also have the option to create Custom Exercises for your Clients. You can add all your own exercise details and upload your own Video directly from your Device, YouTube or Vimeo, giving your Clients that extra personal touchpoint.

3. Create a Bulletproof Online Program

Throughout 2020 it’s highly likely that your business has had to adapt to becoming online-only. And this might be something that is completely new to you.

Creating a solid Online Program is a great way to continue working and motivating your Clients on their fitness journey during this difficult time.

We asked Joe Mitton, Owner of Mitt Fit, to give us his Top 5 Tips to creating a bulletproof online program. 

A key read right now, Joe talks you through top questions you want to be thinking about in order to create your program and how to make progressive programs for your Clients.

4. Invest time in your Personal Development (for FREE)

Another smart way to future-proof your business right now? Dedicate time to your own Personal Development.

We’ve recently updated the Marketplace with over 50 new Partners, many of which are offering free or heavily discounted education and resources to My PT Hub trainers.

One way we’re supporting trainers with transitioning their business online is through our brand new and completely FREE Masterclass, My PT Hub 101: Business Blueprint. This 9-episode video series is designed to help you run your fitness business during these unprecedented.

5. Gain First Access to New Features!

We’re continually working on innovative, new features designed to help you and your business grow. 

To gain first access to all the latest features and advice from My PT Hub, make sure you’re connected with us via: 

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Need more help?

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