Perfect For Face-to-Face & Online Clients.

Use My PT Hub Anytime, Anywhere.

Use My PT Hub Anytime, Anywhere.

How Does My PT Hub Work?


1. Add your clients

It’s real easy to sign up and there's no contract at all! After that, all you need to do is add your clients and away you go! It’s very simple and won’t take a minute. Then you can add any information you need, for example, any injuries or goals your client has.

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Create workouts and nutrition plans

2. Create / Find workouts & nutrition plans

Our 'Drag & Drop' system makes it incredibly simple for you to choose from our extensive exercise library. We have over 6,500 exercises with HD video footage to remind your client of what each movement looks like. We offer a massive nutrition database. Offering over 600,000 items! You can choose from this monster to make sure your clients are getting the most from their programs.

3. iOS & Android apps

Our Android and iOS apps are totally FREE! Download our app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and create, log and monitor workouts, nutrition plans and all your clients' results! You can also purchase the custom app icon add-on. This will remove the My PT Hub logo from the App Stores.

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4. Track & monitor your clients’ progress

We enable you to motivate your clients through visual representation of how they are progressing. We have plenty of different tools to do this; bodyfat percentage, photos and circumferential measurements to mention but a few.

Track and monitor your clients’ progress

1. Email Invite

Once you've added a client, they can activate their account through your branded email, set up their profile and fill out a PARQ. On their dashboard they will be able to see all of their workouts and nutrition plans.


2. Access their account

Clients can access and start their tailored workouts and nutrition plans at the touch of a button! With or without you, they can log their workout sessions and log what they eat and drink.

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Access their account

3. iOS & Android apps

Our Android and iOS apps are also available for your clients, enabling them to log, track and upload their entire fitness journey on the go, with or without an Internet connection! You can also purchase the custom app icon add-on. This will enable clients to download your very own branded app.

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4. Track their fitness journey on the go

Your clients can tracks all of their results in one place by uploading progress photos, adding body measurements and updating their weight, from any mobile, tablet or laptop / desktop.

Track their fitness journey on the go