Getting Started with My PT Hub.

6 Easy Starter Videos.

Welcome to My PT Hub. We have broken down into 6 step-by-step videos, how to introduce and start building your digital fitness business. Build, deliver and grow your personal training business to the next level with My PT Hub.

My PT Hub is the All-In-One Software For Coaches, Personal Trainers & Clubs. Our Head of Support, Ryan Hallett, delivers a full and comprehensive overview of all the software’s features and how they can best be used to help drive your business forward. In this webinar we touch upon the creating workouts, nutrition planning, scheduling your availability so your clients can book your services, delivering LIVE workouts, programming and automating content delivery, packaging up your services ready for sale, our ‘Chat’ and community area and so much more!

One of the most used areas of My PT Hub is the Packages area. Its versatility allows you to create all sorts of packages. The ‘Top 3’ being packages the contain assignments (workouts, nutrition plans, programs etc.), credit packages and memberships. All of which are detailed in this handy 20-minute overview. We also dig a little deeper and show how to utilise our Groups section to help manage your clients in a more efficient way once they’ve bought your package. My PT Hub has a whole host of additional features that compliment this area with no better way of learning how to use them than in this video with Ryan’s guidance.

The programs area within My PT Hub is one of the most powerful features. In this video, Ryan shows you how to not only create a program, but a few best practices after you’ve assigned one to your clients by using the Compliance area. This tool has proven to be a firm favourite amongst My PT Hub trainers, as it automates the delivery of your client’s tasks. No longer do you have to keep checking in with clients to see if they are on top of their workouts or nutrition, the compliance section gives you all that information at a quick glance.

We dive right into how you can create your events and show you how to schedule them into your calendar ready for your clients to book in. With a few clicks, you can set up a full timetable of events, ranging from 1-1 Personal Training through to running Live Classes & Bootcamps. We’ll even show you how to add a waiting list to your event so if someone cancels last minute, you can still fill that slot with another awaiting client.

Once you’ve got your packages set up and ready to go, a great way to understand what your clients need to do, is to experience that process yourself. That’s why we’ve created this quick 5 minute run through, that shows you how your clients go from clicking on your promotional material to setting up their account on your software.

This video shows you how your clients can both their calendar, and yours. After you’ve booked all of your events into your calendar your clients will then be able to view them and get involved without you having to lift a finger. This video will go through everything from viewing the cost of an event to how to open a Live Stream, all from the client’s side.