Nutrition Software for Personal Trainers

Nutrition plans for clients made easy. Set calorie counts, macro targets or fully detailed nutrition plans with the world’s largest verified nutrition database of over 650,000 food items.

Nutrition Software That Keeps your Clients on Track

You can build nutrition plans on the go and your personal training clients can log their intake too, giving you real-time feedback as the day unfolds.

My PT Hub’s Nutrition Software Features

650,000+ Food Items

The world’s largest verfied nutrition database. Including supermarket brands, high-street restaurants and supplement companies.

Unlimited Nutrition Plans

Scale your business with peace of mind, knowing you will never have to pay extra when creating new nutrition plans or macro targets.

Custom Meals

Save time by creating individual meal templates for your clients and custom food items.

Barcode Scanner

When shopping for food or drinks you can quickly scan items as you create or log nutrition plans.

Macro Calculator

Automatically generate goal macros targets for your clients by using industry leading, scientific formulas.

Shopping List

Based on the nutrition plans you set, My PT Hub will automatically generate your clients’ weekly shopping lists

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