My PT Hub | how to create a meal plan for clients

How to Create a Meal Plan for Clients 

Fitness and nutrition go together like squats and leg day. That’s why it only makes sense that many personal trainers offer nutrition services too.  But knowing how to create a workout program and how to create a meal plan for clients are two different skills.  In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of offering personal...

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Personal Trainer-Client Relationships: How to Build Rapport 

Life is all about building great relationships. And so is personal training.  Fitness journeys are filled with many ups and downs. As a personal trainer, part of your job is to be there to help your clients through both. Doing that is much easier when you have a strong personal trainer-client relationship.  In this article,...

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My PT Hub | training website

How to Get Started Building Your Personal Trainer Website 

Potential clients will almost always head to the internet first when they’re looking for a new personal trainer. So, if you don’t have a strong online presence, you could be missing out on new business!   Creating a personal trainer website is essential to promoting your business and connecting with potential clients. But it can be...

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The Business Blueprint

Free for a limited time only! Level-up your fitness business with our community-exclusive Masterclass Series. Start your 30-day free trial today to access, no credit card required.

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Personal Training Success Templates

Jumpstart your business with our free Personal Training success templates, created by personal trainers, for personal trainers. Set yourself up for success by downloading your pack today.

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Free Program Template

Build and deliver exceptional client programs in minutes. Try a free program template today to see how your business can save time, increase revenue and get your clients great results using My PT Hub.

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Personal Training Promotion Ideas & Tips for the Holidays

The holidays can be slow for the personal training business. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until January for things to pick up again. Just a few creative personal training promotions ideas can help you connect with clients and get more business this holiday season!  We’ve gathered some of our favorite holiday promotion...

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Personal Training Email Templates

10 Personal Training Email Templates to Improve Your Business 

As a personal trainer, email should be one of your main communication channels with your clients. It’s a great way to keep them updated on their progress, send them motivational messages, and keep them excited about their journey.   In this article, we’ve collected a variety of personal training email templates that you can use in...

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My PT Hub | Personal Training Networking

The Top 5 Personal Trainer Networking Tips 

Personal trainer networking is the process of making new contacts and nurturing those relationships to attain new clients, partners, brand advocates, and industry colleagues. Networking is, always has been, and always will be an essential aspect of career growth, especially when you own your own training business.  By networking as a personal trainer, you’re putting...

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