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Accept Payments Through My PT Hub

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Grow your business by accepting face-to-face and online payments.

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Create Packages

Got a particular plan you want to sell to your clients? Now you can create packages of Workouts / Nutrition plans for your new and existing clients to buy.


Accept Payments

Accept one off or recurring payments and earn while you sleep! Anyone from around the globe can choose one of your packages and pay for it while you catch some zzz's.


Billing and Accounts

My PT Hub takes care of this for you. Get breakdowns of how your company is progressing along with detailed analytics and receipts!

Cash Payments

You can accept cash payments and manually assign packages to customers. My PT Hub will help monitor your cash payments for future reference (including full and partial refunds).

Cheque Payments

By accepting cheque payments, you're able to offer your customers more ways of paying for your services. In addition, the cash and cheque section will enable you to monitor refunds too.


Custom Receipts

Custom receipts will enable you to generate receipts for payments you have accepted offline. Custom receipts also enables you to send important business information, for example, VAT or Tax numbers.


Purchase Sessions

No more awkward conversations about payment. Your clients will be sent an automated email inviting them to purchase more sessions when they're running low.


Auto Assign

Once a client purchases a package, any programmes or schedules within the package will auto-populate into their hub, leaving you completely hands-free!


Discount Coupons

Want to run a promotion? No problem! Create your own discount codes applicable to one or multiple packages.