Manage your fitness business with My PT Hub.

Manage your fitness business with My PT Hub - Trusted By Over 45,000.

Affordable PT Software

Add unlimited clients, workouts and nutrition plans, track results and communicate immediately with your clients from your branded software for just £10 per month! Even better than this… it is completely free for your clients.


Priority Support

We are here to help! We have a dedicated team of staff who are always available to lend a helping hand whenever you may need it.



We like to keep things simple here. No tricks or jargon, just straightforward software to keep things easy for both you and your clients!


Your Own App

We have built both iOS and Android apps which you and your clients can download for free so you can log everything on the go! Even when you have no internet signal, you can still track everything you or your clients are getting up to!


No More Paperwork

How annoying is paperwork right?! My PT Hub takes away this headache completely! Everything is taken care of under one roof! All your nutrition, workouts and results for ALL your clients are readily available at your fingertips.


Results tracking like never before

Show your clients everything they want to know with our revolutionary results tracking system. You can show them how they are getting on from their circumferential measurements all the way through to how they’re getting better at individual exercises.


Custom Branding

You can completely customise the app so that your branding colours are splashed all over it with your logo being the centre of attention. Adding valuing to your fitness business.


No Contracts, No Fees

My PT Hub has absolutely no strings attached. We're so confident that you will love the app, that we really have no need for this nonsense!


Save Hours of Your Time

Once you have created a workout/nutrition plan, they will save as templates so the next time you want to set a very similar workout, you can go ahead and just edit one that you have previously created!


Next level customer service

How many PT's do you know that have their own app? You can give your clients something that they’ve never experienced and all for just £10 per month! They will be blown away by your attention to detail and how much you have invested in them!