Apple Watch: Personal Training
on Your Wrist

Logging and tracking client workouts just got a lot better, easier, and smoother.

Better. Easier. Smooooother Fitness Coaching.

Start today’s Apple Watch workout in just one click. See client workout history, easily replace workouts, and receive more feedback.

3 purple smart watches showing different screens

Connect. Train. Track.

Tracking client workouts and progress is made simple with My PT Hub’s Apple Watch personal training app.

3 pink watches showing different workout screens

Log Apple Watch
Workouts Anywhere

On the move? Short on time? No problem. Logging client workouts with My PT Hub’s Apple Watch integration is quick, easy, and convenient.

3 colored watches and an iPhone showing the "Today" tab on My PT Hub

Client Progress - Tracked

Measure client progress and share achievements with more workouts tracked and access to more data.

Start Today's Workout.

Start and Sync Today’s Workout with ease.

Start tracking more client workouts and more progress with Apple Watch today.

2 green watches showing different working screens

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