Personal Training Templates: Downloadable Workout Programs 

Creating new workouts for your personal training clients can be a tedious and time-consuming part of owning your own personal training business. But the more tools you have in your kit to help you streamline that process, the more time you can spend doing what you really love about your job—working with clients hands-on. That’s why every successful personal trainer needs a set of personal training workout templates in their arsenal. 

With the average full-time personal trainer spending 45 hours per week just training clients, pre-made program templates that reduce your workload are essential. In this article, we’ll go over why you should be using workout templates, tips for creating your own, and where you can find downloadable personal training templates to get you started.   

The Benefits of Using Personal Training Workout Templates 

Having templates for your personal training workouts on hand will prove to be an invaluable resource as you run and grow your business. You may, however, still be wondering if the time and effort it takes to create templates will be worth it in the long run. The answer is, undoubtedly, yes—and here’s why: 

Save Time 

Full-time personal trainers work with, on average, up to 25 clients per week. Those hours add up, not to mention the additional hours you spend planning those sessions and handling business tasks. Workout templates will streamline your program creation process, saving many hours of your week. 

Maintain Workout Quality 

If you’re forced to rush through program creation to keep up with all your clients, the quality of each program can suffer. Instead of starting from scratch and scrambling to build dozens of workout programs, you can use the templates you have and just focus your time on personalizing them to each client, allowing you to deliver the most effective training program possible. 

Professional Resource for Clients 

When you’re providing clients with workouts to do at home as part of their fitness program, a template can be a professional-looking resource that helps guide them. As a a result, your services will seem more valuable and legitimate, and your clients will appreciate the extra tools.

Stay Organized 

Making a brand-new workout program for every new client will leave you with a lot of programs to keep track of. Using workout templates gives you a built-in system for keeping your resources organized. Simply create a folder on your computer for variations of each template that you can go back to every time you need to start a new program.    

Top Tip: Using My PT Hub’s business management features, you can organize all your templates and personalized client programs right in the app. Upload and store them in your account, group them together, and easily find them using the search and filter functions.  

How to Create Workout Templates as a Personal Trainer 

Creating a set of workout templates for your personal training business may seem like a daunting task, but we promise you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Before you sit down to sketch out any programs, read through the tips we’ve put together to help you stay on track with your templates. 

1. Create a database of exercises.  

With all your personal trainer certifications, ongoing education, and experience, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of knowledge about different exercises that can be used to achieve various fitness goals. If you list out all the exercises you know and group them together based on function, you’ll have your own personal database to pull from to create your templates. 

Don’t feel like creating your own database? Use ours! Your My PT Hub account comes with a library of over 7,500 HD video exercises you can use to create programs and templates and even send to clients to guide them through their workouts and ensure that their form is correct. 

2. Base your templates on your target audience. 

The number-one thing to keep in mind as you’re creating personal training templates is your target audience. Consider the demographics of your client base, your niche or specialty, what equipment clients will have access to, and what their goals are.  

It would be helpful to create a list of the most common fitness goals you help clients work toward, such as bodybuilding, fat loss, muscle toning, powerlifting, and so on. Then, you can create a template for each category, working from the top down. Start with the goal of the overall program in mind, then the goal of each individual workout in the program, and finally which exercises will best suit each workout based on those goals. 

Top Tip: if you’re looking for a faster way to build your programs, the My PT Hub Packages builder can automate this process for you, with hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from to make your job even easier.

3. Keep it simple. 

Templates are not intended to be highly detailed and complex workout programs in and of themselves—their purpose is to make it easier for you to create those highly detailed programs. Simplicity is best as you’re creating your personal training templates because then they’ll be easier to modify to the needs of individual clients.  

After you’ve finished your templates, make a checklist of what you need to do to customize them for different clients. That way, you can follow the list and ensure you don’t miss anything before sending clients their programs. Here are the factors to look at for your template personalization checklist: 

  • Frequency of workouts 
  • Duration of program 
  • Reps/sets/weight increases 
  • Rest periods 
  • Equipment used 

Download Free Personal Training Templates 

Would you rather spend your time working with clients and growing your fitness business than creating a bunch of workout templates? My PT Hub has a large library of pre-made workout program templates available to our trainers.  

Download a free training template today!

Download up to four free program templates here or sign up for a free 30-day trial of our personal trainer management software to access the full library. 

How to Create Personal Training Workout Programs in the My PT Hub App 

Our downloadable workout templates aren’t the only resources we provide for our trainers to create highly effective workouts quickly and easily for clients. My PT Hub also has a full workout builder, which you can use to create new workouts from scratch or choose one of our templates and edit it right in the app.

You can also complement your workouts with trackable Habits for your clients to follow, along with access to the World’s largest verified nutrition database so that you can create unlimited custom nutrition plans to supplement your training plans.

Check out our how-to video or use the steps below to create your first workout. 

  1. In your My PT Hub personal trainer app or on a desktop, log in to your account, and hit the “Create Workout” button. Title your workout and either choose an editable template or select “Create” to build your own workout from scratch. 
  1. Once you’re in the builder, you can begin customizing your workout program by adding your chosen exercises from the menu. From here, you can select HD video exercises from our library or add your own custom exercise. To add an exercise to your workout, simply click the “+” icon.
  1. Once you’re happy with the exercises in your workout, you can adjust them by changing parameters like reps, time, plate/level, tempo, and rest period. To increase the number of sets of an exercise, click the “Add Set” button below the parameters. 
  1. To group sets, create circuits, or delete an exercise from your workout, click the three dots on the right-hand side next to the note icon to bring up a menu with these options. 
  1. Once you’ve chosen and arranged your exercises, go over to the “Details” tab at the top of the page. Here, you can enter a workout description, leave notes for the client, and add any relevant artwork or files. 
  1. Finally, assign the workout to your client and it will automatically show up in their app.

Streamline Workout Program Creation & Dedicate More Time to Growing Your Personal Training Business 

At My PT Hub, our goal is to help you deliver the ultimate training experience to your clients, increase your bottom line, and run your personal training business—and do it all in less time. Together, our free workout templates, extensive exercise library, and customizable workout builder allow you to create and deliver exceptional client training programs in minutes.  

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