My PT Hub & Archon Combine: Improving Fitness Testing

My PT Hub are delighted to partner with Archon Combine to provide state-of-the-art fitness testing within the World’s No.1 Software for Personal Trainers.

Lewis Agnew, My PT Hub COO says, “My PT Hub are extremely proud to announce our partnership with the industry leading fitness testing platform, Archon Combine. It’s an absolute privilege to be working with such a powerful platform and without a doubt, ensuring to deliver an unparalleled service to our trainers and their clients.”

What is Archon Combine?

The Archon Combine fitness testing platform provides everything you need to know about your client, enabling you to create the perfect training programme, provide feedback and structure goals to produce results that you’ll both be proud of.

It all starts by measuring your client’s height, weight, age, gender and wingspan. The software then uses algorithms and scoring systems to evaluate performance across five assessment categories and provide information on how to keep hitting those personal bests, which can be built into your client’s training programme.

How does it work with My PT Hub?

Archon Combine is now fully integrated into My PT Hub, so you can access it directly from within our web software.

If you get set up on Archon Combine via My PT Hub, you’ll enjoy a 30 day free trial (even if you’ve had a free trial before). After your free 30 days, you can upgrade to Archon Combine’s FitPro subscription at a discounted rate of £8/month (usually £10/month). If you already have an Archon Combine account, you can link to this at no extra cost.

Click here to find out how to get set up on and use Archon Combine.

View how your clients can get set up on and use Archon Combine.

Once you and your clients are set up, your clients will be responsible for logging their results via Archon Combine in any of the five categories: anaerobic, fitness, power, agility and strength, each with individual assessments. By clicking on an individual assessment, they will be able to watch a video demonstration before completing the movement themselves and entering their data (e.g. weight lifted on a Relative Strength Squat). This data automatically pulls through into My PT Hub, under the Assessments tab, where they will be able to view their last five attempts across each completed movement and have access to their personal bests, their current tier and what they need to do to get to the next tier.

This is where you, their trainer, comes in. You can view a client’s Archon Combine information by clicking on the Assessments tab within a client’s profile. You’ll have access to the same information as your client and will be able to use this to build the perfect workout to help them achieve their goals.

We’re really excited to share this latest development of the My PT Hub software. We hope it aids you and your clients to build upon their strength and fitness.

If you have any questions about how to get set up on Archon Combine via My PT Hub, please contact our Support team at [email protected].