woman sitting on yoga mat looking at her laptop with dumbbells next to her

Looking Ahead to 2022: Personal Training & Fitness Trends

Another new year is right around the corner, and, just like always, it feels impossible that another 365 days have gone by since the last one. The past two years have been anything but typical, especially for the fitness industry. But out of the chaos, new consumer trends have emerged, and fitness professionals have continued...

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Woman holding a dumbbell

How to Build a Successful Career in Fitness

The fitness industry is ever-growing year on year; according to Statista, gyms and fitness centres in the United Kingdom have been continuously growing since 2011, with a slight drop in 2020 – 2021 as expected from COVID 19. The number of gyms and fitness centres doubled between 2011 and 2018, highlighting a boom in the...

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