5 Tips For Your First Google Ads Campaign as a Fitness Business

Using our brand new Marketing Features, you can now easily create your own Google Ads Campaign, all from within your My PT Hub account.

In just a few clicks, you can create expertly crafted and optimized Ads, designed to help you find new clients, generate more leads, and convert your Ad clicks into sales! 

So what should you consider before setting up your first Google Ads Campaign? Let’s explore!

1. Are Your Packages On Point?

What’s that age-old saying? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

We have created the new Google Ads Campaign feature to help you generate more clients and ultimately, accelerate your fitness business. The best way you can do just that? Ensure your Packages are set up for success!

This is one of the most important places to start, because this is what your Google Ads Campaign will be sending your potential new clients to, so you want to make a great first impression. 

Ultimately, your Packages contain your products and services in an easy-to-purchase and use way, that contains everything your new client needs to get started! So how can you set your Packages up for success?

Types Of Packages

Before you set up your Packages, you’ll want to decide on the types of Packages you want to promote. Here’s a few examples and ideas to get you started.

1. FREE Packages:

We recommend setting up at least one free Package. 

Using a free Package for your Google Ad Campaign is a great way to generate more leads. Essentially, this means capturing the details of potential clients that you can then nurture into paying customers.

With a free Package, generally speaking, you are likely to generate a higher conversion rate. A conversion rate is simply how many people click on your Ad versus how many people sign-up (or ‘convert’) to your Package.

For example, generating 50 leads from a Free Package, compared to 1 paying customer from a Paid Package, can help you future-proof your business, by having a bigger pool of people you can contact and convert into paying clients. 

FREE Package Ideas:
  • Offering a free trial (such as 7 or 14 Days Free)
  • Offering a free piece of content or education such as a Guide, Video or PDF 
  • Offering a free consultation call, introduction or piece of education
  • Signing people up to your mailing list (and explaining why they should in your Package!)

You’ll want to make sure a Package set up in this way takes into consideration your country of operations legislation around Marketing and Email Messaging. Free Packages are a great way to build up your list of potential clients that you can contact, as well as building up brand awareness of your business.

2. PAID Packages:

Here you’ll want to consider having a mixture of Packages set up at different price points.

Although it may be tempting to send your Google Ad Campaign to a Package costing $2000, you’ve got to be realistic. The clicks on your Ad will most likely be from people who have discovered your business and services for the very first time.

Think about it like this:
  1. People have seen your Ad at the top of their search, when they’ve been searching for something on Google that closely matches what your Ad is offering.
  1. The Ad has also been shown to them because they match the exact criteria you have set, in terms of your Target Audience (Age, Gender, and Location).
  1. They’ve then clicked on the Ad because they believe the Ad matches their needs, based on the Google search they made.
  1. Once they’ve clicked the Ad, they will then land on your page. This is where it’s down to you to SHINE. Your Package needs to show off your business in all its glory. This is your chance to capture the attention of the people who have already made up their mind to click on your Ad!

With Google Ads, you only pay-per-click. So if someone clicks on your advert, it’s then up to you to make sure the Package they land on not only looks great, but also contains all the information needed to convert them into a sign up, or paying client.

Hosting your Packages on your dedicated MySite landing page, is great way to show off what your business does and who you are. And can help you to create Ads that convert into new leads and sales.

2. Setting Your Budget

You have complete freedom when it comes to setting your daily budget. For your Google Ads Campaign, a recommended budget will be suggested, however it’s up to you to adjust this to suit your needs.

If you’re new to paid advertising online, it can feel daunting to set up your first paid Ad and set it live.

To begin with, do what you feel comfortable with and as you see the results, you can decide whether you want to increase your daily budget, and by how much.

3. Adding Additional Fitness Areas

Another important element of your Google Ads Campaign to consider is adding any additional Fitness Areas. 

Here you have the option to add any additional fitness areas you want the Ad to target. This should be based on the Package you are promoting, along with your business’s niche.

These Fitness Areas range from “Competition Preparation” right through to “Pole Dancing”, so select any of the areas that closely match what your business does, and what the Package offers.

This will help you to create the best possible set of Ads for your Package and your desired Target Audience. 

4. Setting Your Audience

When setting up your Google Ads Campaign, you’ll also be asked to confirm your Audience, based on Gender, Age and Location.

Our advice here is to make sure the Audience criteria you add:

  • Matches your business’ overall Target Audience
  • Matches the Package you are sending people to! This one is super important. You don’t want to send people to an Ad who are Male, aged 50-65 and live up to 1000 miles away, if your Package is for Face-to-Face Coaching designed specifically for Females aged 18-25. Okay so this is an extreme example, but you get the message!

5. Let Google Do Its Thing!

Once you’ve published your Google Ads Campaign, it’s important to let Google do it’s thing! 

What do we mean by that? Well, in the first few days, your Campaign will be working out which of the pre-configured Ads are the besst for the Package you’re trying to promote.

This ‘testing period’ is based on what Ads are performing the best (such as which are getting the most clicks), based on your Target Audience.

Leaving your Campaign to run in this way will help you to create the most successful campaign in the long run, because it will be ‘optimized’.

And in non-Digital-Marketing-jargon, that basically means the Ads running within your campaign will be the best versions and the most likely to get you clicks, at the lowest cost possible!

Want more advice on My PT Hub’s Google Ads?

Want more advice on Marketing? 

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Google Ads Q&A:

  1. I’ve heard Google Ads is complicated and time consuming to set up and maintain, is My PT Hub Campaigns any different? In collaboration with Google, the My PT Hub campaigns feature has been specifically designed to remove the complication and time-consuming management of Ads campaigns. We combine our own team’s Ad expertise with Google’s automated content and bidding tools to deploy thousands of variations of an ad using content from your Account and Packages. So you don’t have to be a copywriter or Ad auction expert to run an ad campaign.
  1. How do I pay for Ad Campaigns? My PT Hub Campaigns feature can be used by any Premium Subscriber to Create & Maintain Google Ads campaigns, but Google Advertising Fees are still applicable. Within My PT Hub you can control Daily Budgets for each Campaign you launch and run, so you’re always in control of what you spend. During the setup process of the Campaigns feature, you will be taken to the Google Ads platform to confirm your billing details, and a monthly account budget for added piece of mind on what you spend.
  1. Why do I need to create packages before I can use Marketing Campaigns? The campaigns tool in My PT Hub is designed to help you promote your packages. Each campaign you create is linked directly to a package.
  1. Where do I edit my Ad Content in My PT Hub? The Campaigns feature is aimed at Trainers who wish to run successful pre-built campaigns, who don’t have the time to build an Advertising account strategy, do Keyword research or write effective Ad headlines, descriptions and other content. We’ve done this for you, based on our own Ad expertise, and with a little guidance from Google themselves on the best, most effective approach. Therefore, if you do wish to change the content within your ads, or manage your own keyword strategy we recommend you setup your own Google Ads account.
  1. My Package conversion rate is lower than expected, can My PT Hub help? First of all, we’d recommend adding “Tracking” to you MySite for the lead / traffic driving channel that you are using. In Marketing > MySite > Tracking you can insert a Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics Tracking ID or AWIN Tracking ID (for affiliate program tracking). By activating these you’ll be able to get a better understanding of which channels are driving traffic and what those users are doing when they arrive.

Do you have more questions about the Google Ad or Marketing Features? See more FAQs here