Archon Combine: How It Works for You & Your Fitness Clients

It’s been just over two months now since we announced our integration with Archon Combine!

Those of you who may have missed this can check it out here.

As a coach, fitness tracking plays a huge role in ensuring your clients are hitting their goals, progressing in areas they should be but also assessing how far they are along their journey.

Archon Combine allows you to create the perfect training programme, provide feedback and structure goals to produce results that you’ll both be proud of.

How does it work?

To break it down, first you measure a client’s current fitness levels through the multitude of tests available. Evaluate the results produced via the tier breakdown and graphs shown, then work on improving those results through specific tweaks to their training and nutrition.


In Archon, this is known as the ‘Tier System’.

There are 6 Archon tiers, with 6 being regarded as a novice, or in some cases, this could be due to injury, lack of mobility or motor skills, and 1 being elite, which would represent someone who is at the very top of their game.

The tiers are the same for everyone, whether that’s a client who is very athletic or someone who is just starting out.

We’ve all said it – “How much do you bench/squat?” With Archon, whilst total amount of weight lifted is relevant, the way in which you’re marked is much more advanced.

For example, if person A, lifts 120kg and weighs 120kg then they are essentially lifting a 1:1 ratio. Person two, who lifts 100kg but only weighs 80kg in bodyweight is actually 1.2:1 – making their lift more impressive.

Then age, gender, height and in some cases anthropometric measurements also need to be accounted for to get a truly accurate picture of which lift was the best.

All of the assessments work in the same way, some are calculated in power output (watts per kilo), others speed, distance or time. Some will place you in a heavyweight or lightweight category depending on your bodyweight, which can hugely vary the expected result.

The tests

Archon Combine works on the basis of having standardised testing through its range of assessments (strength, power, agility, aerobic and anaerobic). Each assessment has been rigorously created alongside experts within each of their fields to ensure there is a standardised methodology to each criteria. In order to successfully complete any of the assessments, you and your clients must adhere to the criteria otherwise scores will be void.

Each test is endorsed by either British Weight Lifting, Wattbike, British Rowing, PAS (Pro Athlete Supplementation ltd) or Woodway.

Click here to find out how to get set up on and use Archon Combine.

If you have any questions about how to get set up on Archon Combine via My PT Hub, please contact our Support team at [email protected].