FitMedia’s Tips on Social Media Fitness Marketing

It’s been nearly a year and a half since our first guest spot on the My PT Hub blog, which was all about the importance of Branding and Marketing as a Fitness Professional. Since then, we’ve heard how popular that blog post was amongst the My PT Hub audience (yes, that’s you!) and are honoured to be back again! This time, however, we’re talking about Social Media, and how you can grow your various social channels in a way that is ROI positive for your business.

Whether you’re a fit-pro with little to no success (yet) with your Social Media, or a fit-pro who’s a little more of a ‘guru’, we’re going to be breaking down our most practical top tips for growing your audience online and how that actually translates for your business.

Let’s get into it…

The structure for this mini-article is going to be pretty clear-cut and to the point. We’re going to cover 3 key points, in the order they need to be applied when actually putting them into action.

Finding your Purpose

The first thing to have crystal clear in your mind (and ideally on paper, too!) BEFORE starting the journey of Social Media growth, is your purpose. You need to understand why you are doing what you’re doing, who it is you’re looking to impact and why having the extra attention from a larger audience is going to enable you to do that bigger and better than you already are.

A great, simple exercise we recommend trying in your own time is figuring out a mission statement that really reflects what you and your brand is about.

Mission Statement is simply defined as “a formal summary of the aims and values of a company, organisation, or individual.”

An example of a good Mission Statement that a Personal Trainer or Online Coach might use would be:

“I help women between 30 and 50 years old improve their fitness through manageable, home workouts and tailored nutrition plans”

Having this in place will help you properly understand and remember who you’re targeting in your Social Media content, as well as helping those who follow you and find you online resonate with what you’re about.
Ps. Put it in your bio and on the homepage of your website!

Planning & Omnipresence

Once you have a great idea of your purpose, we’d recommend identifying which channels you want to commit to growing and start planning some value-packed content that’s useful and relevant for your ideal customer.

Spending time on planning your content will really help it stand out from the plethora of fake news, boring status updates from distant family members and their friend’s dog photos. Not to mention the vast number of other PTs / Coaches they may also be following!

Try using our free content calendar template to help you get started with your Social Media planning

The second part to this section is omnipresence, which is simply defined as “the state of being widespread or constantly encountered“.

Being omnipresent on social media makes a huge difference to how people interact with you online and in-person.

If you post the occasional bit of content on your personal Facebook profile, your friends and family may consider you as more of an expert than they already did, but if you’re posting fresh content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn every day, week and month, then you’ll be maximising the amount of opportunity people have to learn about you, learn from from you and interact with you. It only takes a few of these people to ask about your services before it starts making a real difference to your business’s sales and revenue.

If you can’t be ignored, then you leave people with two options… they’ll either buy from you or they’ll block you. 😉

Persist, but listen.

Growing a real, loyal audience on social media doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be regular, relevant and ready to listen.

Of course, it goes without saying, persisting at the wrong thing probably won’t get you very far. However, in the game of social media, it’s very easy to adapt and try new things as often as necessary.

If you notice that certain bits of your content get a great response from your audience, consider how you can do more of it. As long as it’s on-brand, consists of some clear value and encourages some kind of engagement, you’re probably fine to keep going as you are! That being said, if you feel a change is due, even if it’s only small or temporary, be swift and measure the response. This way, you’ll always learn what works over the long term. You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

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Closing notes

Growing Social Media pages can take a long time, but if you make use of the tips shared in this article, we’re confident you’ll see at least some success fairly swiftly. You’ll definitely come across as much more established and confident in what you share.

There’s also a ton of more intricate tips and tricks you can take full advantage of that we haven’t shared in here because, well, there’s A LOT! But, if you’re interested in a follow-up blog post that covers a few of our favourite ‘hacks’, just let us know!

But, for now, we’d like to thank you for spending this time with us and we hope to see you for the next one! 😏

Jonah Cockshaw
Founder of FitMedia Co.
The Fitness Industry’s Marketing Agency