Fitness blogs – Can they increase revenue?

Everyone seems to be doing it these days, but what is it about blogs that makes everyone want to jump on the bandwagon all of a sudden!?

For some people it’s a space to rant, somewhere to share wisdom, even somewhere to just spread your knowledge of the industry and increase revenue! This article will help point out the key areas as to how having your own fitness blog can help increase your client base.

Before I get into it though, is this necessary? Do you have to have a fitness blog to increase revenue? The answer……No!. It’s perfect for if you have a little spare time or just want to spread more of your knowledge to those around you!

Be consistent! 
When keeping a blog viewers won’t come straight away! So keep a schedule and stick to it.
Start off simple, maybe 2 times per week, then as followers pick up increase. Just ensure whatever you set your schedule to, you stick to! No one likes watching their favourite programme every week to find that one week it has been postponed due to an important documentary taking its place. Same with blogs! People become attached, so keep it flowing! If you have planned vacation then give them a little heads up.

Become a better writer! 
It’s simple, the more your write – the better of a writer you become. Like anything practice makes perfect but after a while you’ll find your feet, find your writing style and your content will grow to be more enjoyable to readers!

Gain followers! 
A successful blogger will gain a large audience of trusting individuals, all of which can lead to possible clients. They’ll help increase revenue, they’ll spread the word and the ball will roll from there!
They’ll even leave feedback (it won’t always be positive) which can help to improve your content.

Stay knowledgeable! 
You’ll come to the stage, many times in your blog writing where you’re stuck for a topic. This is the great thing with blog writing, you’re always searching for new content, therefore always learning! You’ll want to learn new and exciting things to then share with your readers. As you learn more, you grow – Readers see this and continue to come to you.

Content is king! 
You can write as many blogs as you like however if it doesn’t engage your readers, how likely are they to stay?
You’ll notice some bloggers stick to one specific target whether that be fat loss, strength or training for specific age ranges. Find what works for you and run with it, you can then begin to delve into new subjects once you are comfortable and have a larger following. Just remember, keep it interesting to read! You don’t want people drifting off half way through!

So can a fitness blog increase revenue? Yes, yes they can. Just remember the key points above and you’ll be away in no time!

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