How to Keep on Top of your Fitness Client’s Nutrition Plan

When it comes to your clients achieving their fitness goals, nutrition plans plays a vital role in the process. For some, tracking everything their client consumes can be a tricky and long-winded process. Not with My PT Hub’s Nutrition Plans!

About My PT Hub’s Nutrition Plans

My PT Hub holds the largest verified nutrition database in the world with a clean, simple and easy to use interface making it accessible to anyone. Better yet, all in one place! No need for crossing over to separate apps.

Whether you create custom nutrition plans for your clients down to specific meals and amounts, setting macronutrient guidelines or just help in general with nutrition, we’ve got you covered.

How to Use the Tool

Using the extensive nutrition plan builder, you can search through our database of over 650,000 food items localised to you and set macronutrients by the gram or by percentage!

Your clients can then log their nutrition on the go throughout the day by searching for a food item, using the barcode scanner and even creating their own custom food item!

When it comes to your clients logging their nutrition it’s as simple as opening up the website or app on their iOS / Android device and logging their nutrition against the plan you have assigned them! As they log their food they get to see the macronutrient breakdown of each individual item, the calorie target they have left for the day with remaining values meaning no more guesstimating! YAY! 

Emma Howie (Founder of StrongGirlArmy) – “Now everything is so much quicker and smoother and by using the app my clients are holding themselves more accountable as well as feeling like they can see their own progress.”

There we have it, no need for countless screenshots of PDF’s, rummaging through your mailbox to find your plan or switching to other apps to log. My PT Hub offers everything in one, easy to manage app!

Try it out for yourself with a 30 day free trial !