Francis Williams: Streamline Your Fitness Business

­So how can you use My PT Hub to streamline your business?
This is how I used it to boost mine!

I used to be old school and use pen and paper,  then after being surrounded by 100s of notebooks and torn off pages, I realised I had to do something different if I wanted to improve the service to clients.
In order for me to grow my business, I had to get results! This was especially difficult when I couldn’t find what weight a client was lifting last week, as all his info was in one of the many books that had piled up on my desk.
(Did he do a pull session last week, was it legs, what were his exact goals again and how much did he lift?)

If I wanted to get more clients and earn more money, as well as become an authority in my area for personal training that people would refer their friends to, something had to change.

Then I found My PT hub!
Within weeks I was taking on more clients and everything was so much smoother.  I could plan out unlimited training programs and quickly assign them to the clients that needed them through the software.
Giving them varied nutrition plans that helped them lose weight and build lean muscle was also simplified as I could choose from a range of templates that had been designed by professionals via the ‘Find A Plan’ feature.

I used to tell people to just eat oats, eggs, chicken, broccoli and brown rice, I kept it very simple.  This was not only bad for their health, I found very few of them stuck to it anyway because it was just too rigid.
Of course, it impacted their results and was bad for business, so taking that hassle out of my day was a welcome gift.

Everything is done for you in My Pt hub and combined into one app, giving you time to focus on the business and not be constantly writing out meal plans and workouts that just don’t complement each other.
No more forgetting what a client lifted last week.  Everything was at my fingertips stored in my app via graphs and tracking sheets, this was a god send.

Now I could give more attention to the finer details of form and safety, knowing exactly where to push clients that little bit more to build on what they have done already.
It felt fantastic to show them that they hit another PB this week.  That’s what they’re paying you for right?

Oh, the joy of chasing a client for late payments, I used to hate that – Not anymore!  Now it’s all done seamlessly online with auto-billing and invoicing taken care of via the packages system!

Having my own custom phone app means I can have more clients and can keep them accountable to training in their own time so it’s a win-win!
If you want more success in your business then the best way to do is to automate as much as possible, allowing you to focus on developing your skills in your spare time rather than planning, writing, checking, searching, chasing and the never ending admin tasks that previously held you back.

I have personally found My PT Hub to be life changing.  With the extra income, I have been able to invest a lot more into myself, learning more about nutrition, building sales funnels to scale my income, focusing on my own training and being able to pimp out my sports car which is nice.

Using an online software platform is a game changer, especially My PT hub!  All bases are covered here and it simply makes your business a more progressive and enjoyable place to be.
Plus clients are happier! Not to forget to achieve more consistent results which is incredible for branding and repeat business!

These guys do all the heavy lifting for you.  Which allows you to do what you love and enjoy – Helping people.

If you want to take your business to the next level then look no further!

Francis Williams
Personal trainer & Nutrition practitioner