Health Over Aesthetics for Personal Trainers

Simon Wilkinson, Technical Representative at Tanita, the Worldwide Leader in Health Monitoring, gives us his expert advice on the role of body composition for personal trainers and how health and immunity is set to be high on people’s agenda…

All signs are pointing towards the general public becoming more health conscious than at any other time. Many industry experts are predicting a surge in potential new clients for Personal Trainers as people look to become more informed on improving their health, and the role of body composition in health and immunity couldn’t be more directly linked. 

In a society more health aware than ever following the Covid-19 pandemic, boosting their immune system will be high on many people’s agenda. 

Awakening the public to the role body composition plays in this will be a key element to the success of your training and nutrition plans, adding great value to your packages.

Many of the negative effects fat has on health are well known, in relation to this ‘there is compelling evidence that both over-nutrition and under-nutrition negatively interfere with the immune system’. Source: Fat: A matter of disturbance for the immune system Alessandro Federico, Elena D’Aiuto, Francesco Borriello, Giusi Barra, Antonietta Gerarda Gravina, Marco Romano, and Raffaele De Palma.

However, less highly regarded is the role of muscle mass, a healthy muscle mass ‘plays a key role in the prevention of many common illnesses, conditions and diseases’ Source: The under-appreciated role of muscle in health and disease, Robert R Wolfe. 

The ability to monitor body composition and track the changes your interventions as a health and fitness professional have on your clients will be critical, both to your retention and by adding real value to your personal offering whilst helping you stand out from the crowd.

As potentially more emphasis is taken on our health and less on aesthetics, what can you do to help your clients with this journey? 

By incorporating health assessments into your packages this supports and alleviates pressure from the NHS, especially with the prevalence of exercise being prescribed as medicine. Source: How exercise prescriptions could change the NHS, The Guardian 

I fully expect we will see more and more clinicians utilising exercise and Personal Trainer’s that prioritise ‘health’ and have the knowledge and equipment to support members on this journey. 

There has never been a better time to begin working with Tanita and demonstrate to your members you are taking their health seriously. Track changes in body fat and muscle mass, demonstrating to each and every member the progress they are making. 

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