How to Promote Your Fitness Business Using Instagram

Instagram is an essential social platform for marketing any brand, but its visual focus lends itself particularly well to promoting health and fitness services. Let’s explore how you can promote your fitness business by using Instagram in the best way possible.

Top Tips for Promoting Your Fitness Business Using Instagram

  1. Create valuable, visual content
  2. Keep it consistent
  3. Engage with your followers
  4. Follow and interact with similar brands

Reach Your Audience on Instagram

Research competitors, similar businesses, or brands you really admire to find what sort of content they are putting up and what content has the best engagement.

Posting quality content and using the correct hashtags to help people find it is a key way to gain followers.

Hashtags are an easy way for people who are sharing similar content to engage. If you share a post including #Fitness, it will join the millions of other users who have included the same # in their posts. Your post will become part of the #Fitness community on Insta! Learn about all of the personal trainer hashtags to use in your posts here.

You can see who is talking about subjects that are relevant to you, help to understand your audience better and grow.

Also, Instagram posts that use hashtags gain a 12.6% increase in engagement compared to those without.

Community Outreach and Interaction

Typing on laptop with Instagram engagement icons.

This one is really important, so listen up!

As a business, you want to stay consistent with how you interact within the community.

Follow brands and individuals that share the same values as you and the same target audience. Comment positively and interact with them regularly on their posts to get your name in front of their followers!

Our top tip here? Make sure your comments, community outreach, and interactions are authentic. Being real with your interactions and the way you build your online community will help you to create long-term and more engaged followers. In turn, these followers will want to be part of your community and learn more about you as a coach.

Plus, the power of making like-minded connections through Instagram can be very strong. You never know what opportunities might arise from the connections you make through Instagram – from new clients to collaborations with other trainers or even your favorite brands. Make every connection count!

Find Your Niche

There are a lot of fitness businesses trying to make their page stand out on Instagram. Determine what makes you different.

Think about the qualities that make you shine, whether that be a specific type of exercise or the language you use. Or maybe even your personal journey. Open up and let your audience see the real you.

It’s so important to focus on one target market. You may think your target audience is ‘anyone who wants to get fit’ or ‘anyone that has a fitness goal’, but it’s important to narrow it down further to make sure that your offering suits the needs of the specific niche you choose.

So, what’s your target market and why? And what kind of content do they want to see from you on Instagram? Remember to pick something you’re passionate about, whether that’s a specific type of exercise or a certain demographic of people.

Your Brand and Design

When it comes to your content and profile, consistency is key. For example, some businesses have a specific filter they use for all their images, some have a unique colour theme, and some post only one type of photo (e.g. headshots/gym equipment).

When you’re looking at your Instagram feed in the grid format, you want to be ‘wowed’ by the vibrancy of the capturing imagery that is in front of you.

For many, this will be the first impression of you – so make sure it counts (and looks good!). Learn more in-depth about the importance of branding for fitness businesses here.

Use Instagram Lives, Takeovers and Stories to Promote Your Fitness Business

Two people on Instagram live working out.

Live workouts and regularly posting on your stories can gain your followers’ loyalty when they see that you’re releasing free content, and is also are a great way to show off your expertise and let them see the real you.

Takeovers are a valuable way to share followers with other brands through promoting your own content and vice versa.

Stories work well to share positive content that can make you more approachable to your followers and potential clients.

Promote Using Paid Instagram Ads

Paid social ads work well on Instagram as you can target a specific demographic you feel would be most attracted to your content. This way, you will be exposed to Instagram users that might not have seen your page elsewhere and follow similar brands.

Find out more about promoting for your fitness business on Instagram and other channels by downloading our Ultimate Guide to Online Coaching 2021

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