New Features: Fitbit Integration, ‘Liking’ Feature & More

When we say we integrate, we actually integrate.

Welcoming… Fitbit integration!       

Constantly increasing the levels of accountability you can offer your clients, Fitbit integration brings another level of tracking through step counts, calories burned, distance covered and much more!
Throughout the day you will be able to access a constant feed of where your clients are currently at with their step count and give them that nudge when needed!

‘Liking’ Feature   

Give clients immediate feedback with the new ‘Like’ feature.
From your recent activity feed, you can see when a client has logged a workout and acknowledge this or give them a little thumbs up by ‘liking’ the activity!

Workout Logger

We have made some updates to the workout logger. We now double check to make sure your clients have completed all of their exercises.
Previously, when clients would log a workout, if they forgot to tick off the exercise to confirm it was logged, the exercise data would not save. Now, they’ll receive a prompt saying that there are exercises that have not been completed, also by highlighting these red.

Monitor Resting Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

Store all of your client’s vital stats including their blood pressure, keep up to date with your client’s progress and record their resting heart rate.
For some clients, keeping track of their blood pressure and resting heart rate can be vital! Now you can track this and so much more!