Packages & Payments: A Powerful Tool for Fitness Businesses

Throwback to December 2016 when we launched our ‘Packages & Payments‘ feature, one of the most powerful tools within the My PT Hub arsenal to date!

At the time, this was a game changer in regards to enabling trainers all over the world to branch into the online training world and expand their fitness business.

Fast forward to today and the Packages & Payments feature of My PT Hub is still the MOST USED feature within the software.

Not to mention the reduced payment processing fee’s thanks to the Stripe integration. Find out more about this here.

What makes it so POWERFUL?
– The ability to set your packages to ‘Public’ meaning anyone, anywhere in the world can purchase and download from your URL!
– Create one-time or recurring payments (helping you cater for everyone).
– No need to add your client manually. Upon purchasing a package they’re instantly directed to the account activation process and will input all of their information there and then. It’s like magic!
– Create discount codes that last for all recurring payments or just the initial payment! Have a client who has been loyal to you for a long period of time or maybe just want to reward someone? Coupon code!
– Everything in one place! Like to keep on top of your payment analytics? Head over to the ‘Analytics’ tab to view Total volume, Total paid subscribers, Total free subscribers as well as clear graphs of gross volume and so much more!

My PT Hub takes care of all of this for you!
View breakdowns of how your company/brand is progressing along with detailed invoicing/receipts and accounts. No more stressing around creating invoices and managing your accounts, simply print out the reports put together for you at the touch of a button.

PS, did we tell you that it comes at NO EXTRA COST?!

Why charge for something so powerful that we know over 95% of users will utilise when we can give it to you for FREE along with your subscription?

Have your own website that generates most of your traffic? Or maybe a social media group/page that gathers a lot of engagement? Share your packages via the easy ‘Get Share Link‘ option!
Add a direct button or link on your website which directs clients to your package or even share your new offer to followers on social media. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking to transform your online training or simply take payment from your 1-1 clients through the software, it’s all possible with My PT Hub!

Check out the below video to get an overview of the My PT Hub Packages area.


Start your 30 day free trial today and get involved with the world’s no.1 software for personal trainers!