How to Make the My PT Hub’s Affiliate Program Work For You

So you’re now a My PT Hub Affiliate, great! But what next? How do you promote this to your contacts in the fitness industry? How do you earn money from it?

There are many ways to make affiliate marketing work for you, take a look at our top tips below:

1. Know your audience

Remember, My PT Hub is a tool for Personal Trainers and other Fitness Professionals, so make sure you’re promoting it to colleagues within the industry as opposed to your client base.

2. Download the marketing materials

Under the Assets section of your affiliate portal (which you can access here), you’ll be able to download a selection of marketing materials which you can include across your promotions. These just give a visual representation of the software. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

3. Write a review

Hopefully you’ve signed up to our affiliate scheme because you love using our software or believe it’s one of, if not the best on the market. Write a review or testimonial about how it works for you and how it’s helped grow your business. You can publish this on your blog if you have one, or across your social media channels (see some information below under ‘Social Influencers’ before posting on social media…).

4. Keep the drum beat going

It may take a few attempts from you before people actually sign up. After all, everyone’s busy, so while they might see your first promotion and think it’s a great idea, they may decide to take a closer look another time then totally forget. Keep beating that drum to remind people about our fantastic product and they’ll soon be signing up. Always use your personalised URL – that’s how we can attribute the sign ups and upgrades back to you – and how you’ll earn your commission.

5. Be patient

It’ll take some time for you to see results come through. As My PT Hub offers a 30-day free trial, your referrals will most likely take advantage of that. If they enjoy using the software and upgrade to a monthly or annual plan, you’ll then start earning your commission.

6. Monitor your results

The affiliate portal enables you to keep an eye on your commissions, pending affiliates and more, so you’ll be able to see what activity works best for you. Remember the time lag between people signing up to a free trial and upgrading.

Depending on who you are in the fitness industry, there could be different ways to promote My PT Hub to your audience. 


Do you have a website with good levels of traffic? Generate a blog post or series focusing on how My PT Hub has worked for you and its functionality. This can include a review of the software, highlighting your favourite features and more. Make sure you embed your personalised affiliate URL at least once in each blog post.

Alternatively, create a banner to sit across certain web pages of your site that links through to your personalised URL.

Fitness Personalities

If you use My PT Hub to manage your clients and grow your business, why not publish a video on your YouTube or Vimeo channel? Here you can talk about how the software works for you and really sell the reasons why others should sign up.

Social Influencers

Do you have a large following of Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals on social media? Then this is a great place to promote My PT Hub.

There are guidelines in place for influencers who are paid to promote products on social media, and affiliate marketing comes into this as you’ll receive commission for any account upgrades. Just make it clear that your post is an advert by adding #ad or #advert onto your post in a clear and prominent spot. You can still shout about the software and how it works for you and your business.

These are just a few tips and ideas to get you started in the world of affiliate marketing. We hope you find them useful to start building an income through the My PT Hub affiliate scheme.

Remember – always use your personalised affiliate URL which you can find in the Assets section of your affiliate portal. Sign in to your affiliate portal here.

If you haven’t already signed up to our affiliate scheme, click here and get involved!