Utilise Instagram Stories To Promote Your Fitness Business

We knew it wouldn’t be long before Instagram took a leaf out of Snapchats book! The introduction of Instagram stories came as a pleasant surprise to many, but there was a lot of confusion as to whether to completely abandon Snapchat and make the transition over to Instagram stories. And who wouldn’t question the move, It takes time to build a loyal following, especially on new platforms.

Lets take into account that Snapchat has 150 million users daily, where as 300 million people are reported to use Instagram per day.
On the first day that Instagram stories was announced, Nike managed to gain over 800,000 views in 24 hours, however their most popular story on Snapchat only received just over 66,000 views!

So, should you use Instagram stories for your business?

Instagram stories are given priority on a users feed based off their new algorithm, meaning that your brands most loyal followers are guaranteed to see your story first. On top of this users don’t have to be following you to view your story! Meaning that anyone browsing through your page can watch your story. Even more reason to be using Instagram stories for your business!

Not to mention the larger following, Instagram stories allows you to connect with new and current followers in a more personal way. You can show things such as behind the scenes views, sneak peaks and even creation behind new products / articles. All things that followers love to see.

Enhance your brands reach using stories – Find out the most active times and post your stories around then, after all these will only be visible for 24 hours!

Compress your blogs into mini articles to then post onto Instagram stories! Share interesting, informative content to a whole audience of individuals.
Create 3-5 slides with useful information pulled from a blog or topic of interest and then close the story with a call to action, something people can click or navigate to for more information. You can use methods like this to send people to your website or entice them to sign up to your online training!

As a personal trainer it’s important to connect with clients on a personal note, so show them things like your day to day life (keep it interesting), the process you go through in creating programs and even snippets of your workouts!

A great example of this is My PT Hub user Ollie Carson, a trainer at GrenadeFit. Ollie’s Instagram stories show things such as snippets into his life whether that be condition checks, training sessions with clients, a sneak peak into his diet and even motivational talks!

Ollie also shows viewers a look into the creation of custom plans using My PT Hub, another way of enticing potential new customers with his professional looking, easy to use custom branded software!

To finish off here’s a few reasons why you should give it a try;
– Market yourself to tonnes of new potential clients
– Connect with followers on a more personal level
– Showcase your hard work / achievements in new ways
– Build other social platforms
– Gain more followers

Insta stories, hot or not? What’s your opinion?

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