Making the Switch to Online Personal Training

So this is an area of personal training that is really starting to boom! We believe the ability of creating workout regimes and nutrition plans for clients through an online medium (such as My PT Hub), comes with a lot of benefits for both parties involved! So what are the big 3?

Affordability: This is probably the biggest attribute that’s thrusting online personal training into the limelight. Let’s face it, 1-1 personal training can be expensive, not just for the client but for the trainers too as they will have to pay rent (to the gym(s)). Therefore a great way around this is to offer services online at a discounted rate. However the benefit of keeping hold of cash, means you lose the benefit of having a physical presence at the gym with you. This isn’t an issue for some who, for example, can self motivate, but for others this could be something they simply can’t go without. From a trainers perspective, not only does it drop their overheads but also offers them a lot more freedom on a day-day basis.

Responsibility: This comes from both sides. From the client’s point of view, they expect to have a tailored workout and nutrition plans, built around their goals and objectives, after all this is what they’re paying for! Seems obvious right? It really should be, but there are a lot of ‘cookie-cut’ programs out there that, even though they do have very strong principles attached, they fundamentally aren’t built specifically for that individual. Granted, a lot of programs that a trainer will write can be ‘recycled’ as they may not differ too much from a previous clients goals etc, however they may need to revise a few parameters here and there before assigning these workouts to other clients. This ties in nicely to the responsibility of the client. Without having your workout/nutrition data accurately recorded and delivered to your trainer, you cannot possibly expect to achieve amazing results as trainers can only make adjustments (where needed) through reflection of those results.

Communication: Leading on from our ‘Responsibility’ section, online personal training should offer clients a direct point of contact with their trainer too. For example, My PT Hub has it’s own built-in messaging system that allows the client to contact their trainer directly, whenever they may need a helping hand. Without an open channel of communication, clients will feel like they are left to fend for themselves and trainers lack detail with regards to how their clients are progressing, and therefore cannot make any necessary adjustments. With this clear line of communication, clients feel like they are attended to whilst it gives the trainer the freedom of not having to be in the gym 24/7.

We believe that if you can accurately approach all three of these values, whether you are a trainer or client, you will get the most out of online personal training!