Expanding Your Fitness Business & Hire More Fitness Trainers

Let’s get straight into it. Expanding your fitness business to the point of bringing on a new member of the team, are you ready for it?

Your ability to coach will always be limited to the number of clients you can take on as an individual, regardless of how great you are.
There will be a threshold of clients you can maintain before the quality of service starts to drop.

With a great client management software such as My PT Hub, that threshold is a lot higher and many processes such as workout delivery/payment collection can be automated, but there will still come a point where you want to invest more into the business, whilst still offering as much as possible to clients.

Here are two ways of growing your team using My PT Hub;

Hiring Additional Fitness Trainers

Bringing on additional trainers to your business can be a hugely beneficial way of not only taking on more clients but expanding your offering.

Let’s say you specialise in transformation challenges for both males and females, by introducing a nutrition specialist along with a movement specialist, you can create intricately detailed packages to sell online.

With the ‘Additional Trainer’ feature available within My PT Hub, you can add each trainer to your business, setting them up with their own account in which they can then add clients and work under your brand.

As the account owner, you can keep track of what they are up to, along with sharing workouts, nutrition plans, clients and more.

Check out how to add an additional trainer here.

A great benefit to having additional trainers is that you can spend more time with family, more time investing into the business through your own learning, or even go on vacation, knowing that you have a team you can trust and rely on to keep the business running in your absence.

Remember – Don’t rush into expanding your team! Ensure that the person you are wanting to bring on will not only operate to your required standards but has the same vision as yourself. Especially when it comes to entrusting your clients to someone.

Take on an assistant

What may seem like quite an ‘elitist’ thing to do is actually a great way to better manage your time, enabling you to spend more time with clients.

As a fitness professional, a lot of time goes into programme creation. Once a new periodized block/package/session has been created, this then needs to be inputted into your My PT Hub account. This is where the addition of an assistant comes in! The ability to have someone input your created workouts/plans into the software keeps your valuable time to yourself for important things such as training, being with clients and creating more content for your social channels.

What it is you require of your assistance can vary depending on the behind-the-scenes admin side of your business, along with how much manual input you still want to give. However, learning to delegate tasks to others will become a game-changer to your time management!

You can either share your log-in details with them or set them up as the account admin and have your personal account set up as an Additional Trainer.
Personally, keeping one log-in for the two of you will be the most efficient way of managing everything, especially if they will be uploading your workout/nutrition plans, files and more.