How to Improve Your Personal Trainer Client Onboarding

Straight from the get-go, what is PT client onboarding?

Put simply, it’s the process of bringing on a new client to your fitness business.
It’s your time to not only build a relationship but address concerns, gather valuable information and learn about the client.

The end result should be a confident feeling individual, excited for what lies ahead!

Why client onboarding is key

From the start, we want clients to know they have made the right decision by choosing you.

A good onboarding process will result in;
– Happier clients
– Greater efficiency
– Lower churn
– Affirms compliance

The process

– Onboarding questionnaire

This is the most common and popular method for a trainer. It’s a super-effective way to gather client information and everything needed to get you and your client started.

By using the ‘Forms’ feature within My PT Hub you can create a completely custom online form with multiple question types such as multiple-choice, scale of 1-10, simple number/text inputs, yes or no and even star ratings.
If you have forms in which you require a client to sign to confirm they agree to your set terms/contract you can even add the e-signature feature!

Your custom form can even be added to the ‘Sign-up process’ meaning that once a client has set up their account, they will automatically be prompted to complete the form which you will find in their profile.

Learn how to create a custom form here!

-A welcome/promotional video

Once your client has completed the sign-up process they have access to the entire My PT Hub platform, along with any plans and content you have assigned to them.
This can be a daunting thing, a lot of areas and features to explore, coupled with the excitement of a new journey ahead may lead your client to feel a little overwhelmed.

By filming a short introduction video of yourself, what you expect from your clients as a coach along with a basic walk around of how to use the mobile app you’re guaranteed to have one super excited, confided individual ready to tackle any new challenge you throw at them!

-Introduction pack

Off the back of a welcome video, it’s good practice to also have a type of ‘cheat sheet’ you can assign to clients via the ‘Files’ area. A simple PDF with your working hours, best place of contact, location and business information if they ever need to reach you via an alternative method.

Documents covering recommended supplementation, any affiliate links you may have to specific products and so on!
Not to mention a document covering any FAQ’s for client’s to check out.

Onboarding process overview

It’s good practice to review your onboarding process after the completion of each new client.
How did it go?
Could things be smoother?
What worked well? What not so much?
Is there still any information you require from the client?

You can even set up an onboarding review form for clients to complete a month after they have been onboarded, to help gain insight on your process and ensure that for future clients, it’s tip-top!