My PT Hub announces collaboration with Future Fit.

The partnership will help to provide the next generation of Personal Trainers with the tools they need to grow their business and make an impact in the health and fitness industry. 

Both Future Fit Training and My PT Hub aim to raise the bar in the health and fitness industry, training the best quality Personal Trainers and equipping them with the technology needed to see their careers thrive.

Future Fit has led the field in health and fitness qualifications since 1993, and along the way their training has amassed a wealth of industry awards that reflect their knowledge and ever-increasing passion for fitness and wellbeing.

“Couple Future Fit’s educational excellence with our data driven insights and industry leading software, and both the current and next generation of personal trainers will have all the skills they need to build and grow a successful fitness business” said Lewis Agnew, COO of My PT Hub, “We hope this will open up many doors and new opportunities for personal trainers to really drive and scale their businesses with the full support of Future Fit & My PT Hub.”

So far, the fitness industry has been minimally impacted by the advance of technology, but using My PT Hub can help Personal Trainers to make these advances work for them. By 2025, it is predicted that the UK population will reach 68.3 million and that 95% (roughly 65 million people) will be using a smartphone and this can be utilised in improving a client’s experience. Rather than spending time on client management, My PT Hub can streamline this so more time can be spent on attracting new clients. It also means that existing clients can receive a more tailored experience by utilising personal data such as steps taken, and calories consumed to create customised plans.

Hazel Goudie, Head of Teaching and Learning at Future Fit said, “Our partnership with My PT Hub is really exciting – utilising technology to enable PTs to build and grow their business, whilst ensuring a personalised experience for clients. Our graduates can pair their best-in-class training with software that will really enable them to make an impact in the world of health and fitness.”

In order for the partnership to create a real effect, Future Fit graduates can receive a 45-day free trial on My PT Hub, plus 50% off for first 3 months, whilst users of My PT Hub can benefit from 15% off all courses at Future Fit. This will enable Personal Trainers wanting to take their career to the next level to stand out from the crowd, by pursuing further training and making the most of latest technology.