How to Hit the Ground Running as a Personal Trainer in January

Once a year December comes and goes, but throughout this period people seem to have a more relaxed approach to all things fitness – both goals and business-related.

So should we treat it differently to any other time of the year? And if so, why?

Firstly, there is no right or wrong. How you manage your time/business over the festive period is entirely down to you, but some will argue there are do’s & don’ts!

For a lot of people, December is the prime time to get everything ready for the new year and help set them up for a strong start. And we couldn’t agree more. End the year how you mean to go on – Strong!

As a personal trainer/coach, January is the peak time to pick up new clients. New years resolutioners are out in the masses, and if you’ve done the leg work in December ready for the new year then picking up new clients should be a breeze!

What steps can I take to ensure my January gets off to a strong start?

  • Have a plan, know how you’re going to approach new clients
  • Create some adverts on Facebook / social media (Target your market)
  • Utilise the new packages & payments feature of My PT Hub and create some packages ready for January
  • Offer discounts! Create unmissable discounts on specific packages/plans
  • Make sure that all your social media pages have clear contact information and any relevant links to your website
  • Share your new packages via social media!

The hardest part of attracting new clients is convincing them to commit. Entice them in with deals or show them previous client testimonials/success stories. Sometimes nothing is more motivational to someone than seeing other clients achieve great results!

Using the Packages & Payments feature you can create a package for clients (new & current), anywhere around the world! Allowing you to earn while you sleep!
Once a new client purchases one of your packages, they will be directed to your sub-domain to activate and create their account, once they have done so they will then automatically be uploaded to your software (all branded to you) and the package is assigned to them automatically. Meaning any sessions, plans and files within the purchased package are automatically assigned to their account!

The most important part of December is to enjoy time with your family, focus on balance. It’s common to go into overdrive sometimes and miss out on the little things.
Spend time with family, see your friends, have that drink or meal out! These are all aspects that won’t hinder performance or business every now and then. You may find stress levels decrease and even productivity increase! Give yourself something to look forward too at the end of the week.

Ultimately, December shouldn’t be treated any differently to any other month. Keep working hard, have a plan set out for January and enjoy the little things in life!