Member spotlight: Emma Howie, StrongGirlArmy

Owner of a successful fitness business: Strong Girl Army, Top 3 Bikini fitness athlete at the UKBFF British Finals 2016 & Arnold classic Barcelona! Not to mention complete female bad a** and inspiration to many, Emma Charlotte Howie! (Oh and she can now do the splits after months of practice!)

Advocate of strong is the new sexy Emma’s workouts are far from easy, often keeping up with her partner in crime Sam Bird you wouldn’t want to mess with her! With a background of olympic lifting, strength training and a new found passion for calisthenics in her forever growing arsenal it’s no wonder her clients are shouting about her. As the Strong Girl Army rapidly increases Emma’s passion for what she does is obvious, liberating the female population and educating them of the benefits to becoming strong and confident!

When you’re as busy as Emma time management plays a key role in not only running a successful business but finding the time to also work on your own goals.
” Before My PT Hub came along I was using Microsoft to log everything and using emails to stay in touch with clients. It took me hours to get through work and make sure everything was tracked for my clients, my plans took so long to write up. It never felt 100% professional either.
Now everything is so much quicker and smoother and by using the app my clients are holding themselves more accountable as well as feeling like they can see their own progress. The messaging system has also been a godsend! Now work is in one place and I can communicate with my clients on a much more professional basis, even on the go! “

” By saving time with My PT Hub I feel like I can give so much more of myself to my clients and I don’t dread writing up plans and setting clients up. “

How does My PT Hub fit in to your day to day life?

” I use it daily to stay in touch with each client as well as track progress with them via weekly check ins. I even use it for myself so I have my own plans at my disposal for my own workouts! Using my iPhone/ iPad for a clients session has changed my life! I love tracking the workouts and it means each weight achieved by the client is right there in front of me so I am now able to push them even further to get that heavier weight and extra rep! ”

When it comes to client management how do you feel My PT Hub has helped?

” I can finally put a face to the name as well as a little bit of personality with the “personal goals” part in the profile. With a click of my iPhone I can check up on progress and adjust each clients programmes as and when they need me to. It’s made my life so much easier and I have been able to take on more clients as a result! ”

How did your clients find the transfer to My PT Hub and what do they think?

” They loved it! And every new client loves it too. It’s given my business that professional edge! It helps each client to hold themselves accountable and track their own progress, as well as making them feel more connected to me as their coach which is so important to me! ”

What is your number one favourite feature of My PT Hub?

” I love the workout plan aspect of it. This used to take me so long; writing up each clients workouts in excel and then attempting to make it look professional! So now when 6 weeks are up I simply switch the workout groups in my list and within seconds my clients have new workouts to enjoy! This has been a dream for me and taken a lot of stress away from my job. “8d6f51_eb5839fa83e841cd85565daf46f6ace6

What is the most important thing for you when it comes to coaching?

” It’s definitely connecting with your client on an emotional level, as that is where their motivation is going to stem from. Ultimately pushing a client in the gym and ensuring they have a good diet plan to follow, but if I cant give my clients more of ME to motivate and inspire them, then they aren’t going to WANT to push harder in the gym or eat better. My PT Hub is the reason why I can give more value to my clients individually. ”

Where do you pull your motivation from? 

” My clients motivate me a lot now. I’ve been able to get to know each of them so well now and every week they inspire me so much because I feel like we’re in it together! Otherwise I’m a very competitive person and I love trying to be better than myself. I just want to live a life without regrets and push everything I do to the max! ”

Other than fitness where else do your interests lie?

” I love modeling and am now starting to bring that into my career a lot more now that I have more time. ”

To those who may be reading that look up to you, what would your words of motivation to them be?

” Live life for YOU and no one else. Ignore the opinions of others that put you down but stay humble. Ultimately LOVE what you do. Otherwise what’s the point in doing it?? We are all on this earth for a very short time and in the bigger scheme of things; there is nothing more important than spending that time on earth happy! ”

There we have it, if that doesn’t motivate you to get up and chase your dreams then we don’t know what will! Keep an eye out for many more features from Emma here at My PT Hub!

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