Member Spotlight: Sam Bird Physique Coach

What is it we look for in a good personal trainer?

  • Someone that listens?
  • Someone that delivers results?
  • Someone that has a desirable physique themselves?
  • Or maybe just someone that you can relate to?

With an epic squat and physique that speaks for itself, Sam Bird has all of the above and more. Not only has Sam won many trophies during his competitive career (most recently taking second at the BNBF Open Heavyweight competition against a huge lineup!), he goes the extra mile to helping his clients achieve their goals.

It’s taxing enough for some to prep for a bodybuilding competition, but to prep yourself, your partner and still keep on top of clients it’s all in a days work for Sam!

Client management is a vital aspect to any personal trainer, My PT Hub has helped Sam to keep on top of his clients with ease. No more switching to and from applications or documents; everything from client check-ins, progress photos, logged training sessions / nutrition and messaging is all in one place, at the touch of a button!

” Each client having their own profile, with their goal clearly outlined and an image of themselves attached to their profile has helped immensely. The format of the website is so easy to navigate and, as mentioned, everything being in one place has made staying on top of everything so much easier. “

As a coach what do you find is the most challenging aspect of your job? And how has My PT Hub helped this?

” Staying on top of clients; the hub has helped me with this in many ways. Each client uploading of photo of themselves and outlining their goals is definitely a great asset in terms of a quick memory jog if I need it. Being able to see their progress in terms of photos and measurements, with them both being in the same place and then also being able to message the client from the same app has made life as a PT 10x easier. Having everything in one place has helped me stay organised and on top of each and every client. “

How does My PT Hub fit in your day-to-day life?

” I run my online business exclusively through the app so I check the messages section daily and use the workouts section and measurements for my 1-1 clients. Without this ‘hub’ I would be all over the place! Being able to check in with clients on the go through my phone has also made my working days much more efficient. “

How did you clients find the transfer to My PT Hub and what do they think?

” They really welcomed the change over as it enables them to get to work on their own with the workouts and log everything in a way that they can also visibly see, so it is much easier for them to track and see their own progress without me having to show them! “

If you could chose one, what would be your favourite feature?

” The measurements section, this may seem a fairly simple answer but being able to compare clients weight loss/gain week by week in a table that is so easy to access has saved me so much time! Especially as it can be accessed anywhere via the app on my phone. “

What is the most important thing for you when it comes to to coaching? 

” Being able to build a good rapport with my clients. I have found that, through the years, I Have been able to build up a solid client base of people who are fairly similar in their thought patterns and motivation etc as I am. This makes my job so much fun! Clients are easy to push as they have the same motivation and drive as I do and I am able to get the most out of them because I know exactly what buttons to push! “

Where do you pull your motivation from?

” Other lifters in the gym. I am an incredibly competitive person and I draw motivation from friends/colleagues performing lifts that I want to beat!! “Randy-Orton

Other than fitness where else do your interests lie?

” Basketball, sneakers, hip hop, cars, wrestling (yes, the ‘sports entertainment’ kind) WWE etc, its like my guilty pleasure, I cant get enough of it! “

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