Member Spotlight: Tim Roberts, BodiesByTim

It’s been a while since we last brought you a member spotlight, highlighting some of our awesome members and showing an insight into their lives and fitness business.

Tim has been on our radar now close to just over a year, constantly grinding and building his fitness empire!

As a coach, improving the quality of others lives comes as a by-product of your services but Tim has taken things one step further! For every membership sold, a portion of that fee is donated and goes towards creating care packages for those less fortunate. It’s this act of kindness and giving back that to us, really set Tim out from the rest and is something we will most definitely be covering in more detail in a future post!

” When I first saw My PT Hub, I was blown away that this type of format existed. I had tried excel templates, fitness software and nothing worked well with the way I ran my business. “

How does My PT Hub fit in your day-to-day life?

” For me, I absolutely love taking the time to touch base with all my clients. One of the biggest benefits, of My PT Hub, is the in app messaging. It allows me to communicate with everyone no matter where they are in the world. “

How did your clients find the transfer to My PT Hub and what do they think?

” I think for some of my clients, this was a little ahead of its time. But after some explaining and identifying to them that I would still do everything I did before, but in much more depth thanks to the software, it would result in more accountability on their part. Which, in return teaches some a solid lesson in discipline. “

If you could choose one, what would be your favourite feature?

” My fav feature would have to be the “swap out” button for the workouts. The fact that my clients can swap out an exercise for another, in case the gym is busy or the move is too advanced is an amazing benefit. The alternatives are always similar movements and super handy knowing that I don’t have to have any input. A client can swap out an exercise for an alternative and continue to log their session as normal. This is then shown within their logged workout data for me to track moving forward. “

What is the most important thing for you when it comes to coaching? 

“Communication. I feel making sure I touch base with all my clients is key whether that’s during their check-ins or just regularly throughout their journey. They also really enjoy it! It’s always a plus getting some pep from your coach. “

Where do you pull your motivation from?

” My daughter. She’s my world. I am building an empire for her. She doesn’t know it yet, but when she’s 18, she will be doing ok for herself. “

Besides fitness, what are your other interests?

” I love gardening, hiking, writing and graphic design. I feel everyone should feed into their creative side in life. It’s a nice escape from the hustle and bustle the fitness industry can bring sometimes.  “

You’re clearly an inspirational trainer. What would your recommendations be to other trainers reading this article?

” Simply, keep going and don’t listen to what anyone says. The worst thing you can do is stop because you were deterred by someone. How people feel about you says more about them than it will ever say about you.  “

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