How Fitness Challenges Can Help Your Online Fitness Business

You see these ’30 day transformation’ programmes pop up all over the place and you’ll be surprised at the amount of traction they can bring to your business!

Before we dive into how you can create these challenges through My PT Hub though, theres a few things you will want to lock down first.

Nail your basics;
– Who is the challenge going to be aimed at?
– How long will the challenge run for?
– Will there be a price?
– What will the challenge be tailored around? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Mindset?
– How will you monitor interest/take sign-ups?

With summer coming to a close, we have seen thousands of trainers all over the world over the past few months creating short, sharp 30-day challenges to help get people in the spirit of getting fit, but also to bring a lot more traction to their business.

There’s multiple ways these can be set up and created through My PT Hub!

One of the most common and powerful methods used is by Creating your desired workouts and nutrition plans that will be included, assigning these to a 30-day schedule and then packaging this up via the packages tab.

By adding your workouts and nutrition plans to a schedule, this not only helps keep clients on track of what it is they’re doing for the next 30-days but it also automates a lot of your business for you! Taking the hassle away from assigning plans and more.

Every client on a schedule will receive notifications each day informing them they have a workout/nutrition plan or even check-in to complete! Keeping them even more accountable than before and allowing you to focus on your 1-1 clients or even building new plans.

The video below will take you through the entire process of creating workouts & nutrition plans, creating a schedule and assigning set days for each plan and check-in along with adding these to a package ready for sale!

A super efficient way to gain more clients and earn more whilst doing so!

Have any questions or would like to go through it with a member of our dedicated support team over the phone? Book an appointment for a time convenient to you through the link below.