New Feature: Document Uploader

Have additional files that you want to upload and send to clients? Now you can with the new Document Uploader!

Upload ANY file from your device by simply dragging and dropping an item or browsing for the file you wish to upload.

Once you have uploaded your file this is presented in your ‘Files’ section and displayed by name, file size and date uploaded!
You have the ability to rename a file, download it, assign it to a client/group, add/remove from a folder and even star the file so you have quick access via the ‘Starred’ tab to the left of the page.

From your files section, you also have an overview displaying the amount of storage used and available helping you to keep on top of your available file space.

If you do exceed your storage total, additional storage can be purchased in 1GB or 5GB bundles!

Check out how to upload a file here!

So how does this affect my clients?

Clients can access files assigned to them via the ‘Files’ section found within their navigation menu.

They can view and download files assigned to them, along with files they have uploaded.

Any file that a client uploads will be uploaded to the trainers account for them to see also!