Q&A with Matt Ford, Founder of Archon Combine

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to have Matt, Founder of Archon Combine, visit us at the My PT Hub HQ to discuss all things My PT Hub and Archon Combine, plus some exciting future developments.

We took the opportunity to give you guys, our awesome members, the chance to ask Matt any questions you had about Archon Combine, which he answered on our Instagram story.

If you missed it, you can check out what was covered below!

What made you choose My PT Hub as the software provider to integrate with?


How did Archon Combine start?


Who is the most famous athlete using Archon Combine?


What’s your favourite assessment?


Is there a free trial? If so, how long is it?


Is Archon good for athletes looking to further track their progress?


What is the most popular assessment?


How much does Archon Combine cost?


Have any records been broken?