We have all been guilty of skipping that muscle group we hate to work, whether it’s our legs, triceps or abdominals. However, pre-lockdown, your clients can probably relate to hitting that snooze button once in a while and skipping that rainy cycle to the gym before starting their workday.

Now, as the way we work out is changing and transitioning into a much more flexible routine, fitting in an online HIIT class or going for a jog is a much less onerous task.

No regrets

Now more than ever, it’s important for personal trainers to encourage their clients to take a break without any sense of guilt or regret. Even if it means replacing their morning workout with a long walk and their favourite hot drink or enjoying meditation instead.

Their body and their mind will be better off for it in the long run.

Just like taking a day off work to relax and reset, everyone needs time to rejuvenate and come back stronger.

Your clients should notice that by incorporating more rest days into their lifestyle, their performance is elevated when they do get ‘back at it.’ Furthermore, the rut they may have been stuck in with their health and fitness goals is alleviated, which will allow them to come back the next day with a fresh approach and a positive attitude.

Plan ahead

The importance of planning time off in advance is key so it is not seen as a ‘failure’ or skipping out on the exercise you had planned.

A healthy attitude and the way we approach wellness needs to be constantly adjusted to fit our ever-changing lifestyles and the environments in which we are living.

As a fitness coach, scheduling for this needed time off is important for supporting your clients. We all love that endorphin kick, but even a good thing like exercise must be moderated so as not to become an unhealthy habit. This balanced approach will help prevent injury in the long run, so their bodies can keep performing to an optimum level into the future.

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