Top Tips For Any Fitness Professional

As a personal trainer in the big world of health & fitness, you will never know it all. As much as we like to feed our ego’s and say we do, we don’t, however, that’s where you can gain an edge on your competition and really grow in your own direction.

There are, with any profession, some do’s and don’ts. We’ve listed some tips below to guide you to becoming a more successful personal trainer.


Now you’re probably thinking – “Oh that’s an obvious one!” Whilst it is obvious, you’ll be surprised at how many trainers don’t have their consultation process nailed!

Starting off by just finding out basic information such as; full name, email address, contact number, age and sex can help you massively in the long-run!

“But how!?” – This information allows you to follow up with a potential lead or possibly approach someone at a more suited time such as just before summer! Everyone on the run up to summer wishes they done something earlier.

Ask leading questions which will help you transition into the next stage which is bagging your clients and enrolling them into your services. Most importantly, your consultations should be tailored to each new potential client, make them feel welcome and show them how you can tailor your services to them to help achieve their goals.


If a client isn’t achieving the goals set out, do you have a strategy in place to iron out the factors which could be affecting this?

Let’s say you’ve got a client who’s goal is to lose weight but their weight has plateaued for the past 2-3 weeks. What strategies do you have set out to eliminate possible factors causing this and get them back on track?
Are they under-reporting when it comes to their daily food log? Are they possibly not telling you the full truth of what they are consuming each day? If so, why? This can be a very sensitive subject and will vary massively from client to client, so don’t go guns blazing.

Perhaps your client isn’t logging the milk in their coffee or the extra sugar they are adding?
This is where it becomes your job to instead of scolding them, educate them!

Show them how they can make better food choices, show them the alternatives there are on offer. Teaching clients the basics on macronutrients and where they come from is a huge factor in helping your clients understand the foods they are putting in their body and more often that none will actually force them into buying healthier alternatives.

Client check-ins

How you manage your client check-ins should be structured and set to a specific routine. This way you know exactly when clients are checking-in and you can pre-prepare any data you need.

Something that we have seen a lot of trainers do in My PT Hub is use the new Scheduler feature to schedule clients check-ins weekly/bi-weekly. The scheduler allows you as a trainer to set specific days p/week, as little or often as you like for your clients check-ins. You have the ability to set progress photo upload and measurement updates to a day which will then notify your client on the day they need to check in with you! Never miss a client check-in again!

Don’t marry one approach.

No client is the same, therefore your approach to each client’s goals should be different. You may have clients that are very similar and can, therefore, be placed on a similar, if not the same plan, however, somewhere down the line they’re going to need individual tweaking to keep them on track to smashing their goals!

Limiting yourself to one approach not only limits you to the type of clientele you can take on, but also limits the results you are going to achieve with clients, which could turn sour and give off the impression that you are not a successful trainer!

So what can we take away from this?

Be consistent, have a strategy for clients to keep them on track and utilise My PT Hub to help keep on top of your clients progression and journey! Most of all, enjoy the process!