How To Increase Your Personal Trainer Client Retention Rate

As personal trainers, we all want to focus on what’s important, client retention and getting them results. But how do we do that?

Retention is vital to your personal training business when the volume of potential clients is small. If you’re an online coach new to the game, you may not benefit from the large following a lot of ‘influencers’ have. Don’t burn through your potential client base quickly through one-off plans.

Maybe you’ve noticed a small drop-off around specific times of the year. Or perhaps you simply want a consistent bulk of clients who you train through multiple phases. Either way, the tips below will help!

Personal Trainer Client Retention Tips

1. Vet Your Fitness Client Applicants

Identify appropriate clients. Do they fit into your target audience? Here you will want to consider factors such as their gender, age, experience and goals. This will help you to decide whether they are a good fit for you. Ensure they know how you work and have goals that you are comfortable and experienced in helping them reach.

2. Set Realistic Expectations for Clients

Establish a feasible goal and timeline prior to commitment. If someone comes to you with a goal of getting to a specific body weight within ‘X’ weeks for a holiday, but you know that isn’t possible, don’t lead them on. Take the time to tell them why you feel that timeframe may be pushing it. Don’t be afraid to tell them what is achievable within their given time frame. You are the expert after all!

Your honesty may just lead to client buy-in and see them return once their holiday is over, to continue on their fitness journey.

How can this be done through My PT Hub?

The packages system allows you to create public packages for a set value or at no cost, which can be purchased/downloaded by anyone, anywhere.

Upon a client purchasing a package, they’re prompted to set up their account with you and will complete an automated PARQ form.

By using the ‘Forms’ area, you can set up your own client onboarding form and assign this to the sign-up process. That way, after completing the automated PARQ, clients will have to complete your sign-up form. This is where your vetting process begins!

As soon as a package has been purchased, you will receive an email & notification informing you of this. From here, you can enter the client’s area to view your new client’s completed PARQ and form.

3. Communication is Key to Personal Trainer Client Retention

Build Rapport

Gather a broad spectrum of information. Pick out information that isn’t just objective data. For example, when a client checks in, pick up on external factors they may mention when talking about their week such as stresses from work, the kids being off or even sleep being down.

This not only humanises yourself, but it establishes yourself as approachable, enabling the client to communicate with you on a more personal level. This, in turn, leads to better results.

Video Responses & Voice Notes

By putting your face into a response, it not only gives that personal touch but shows that you’re willing to go the extra mile with your clients.

Motivational Interviewing

A great way to encourage behavioral changes. By giving the client control over the decision, the onus is on them. No enforcement = no resentment/resistance.

How can this be done through My PT Hub?

Rapport can be built through your check-in process, whether that’s via the messages section or a check-in form created via the forms feature.

Something that I personally used to do with clients was add questions to my check-in forms such as ‘How was your mental state over the past week? Have there been any factors which have affected this in particular?’. It’s personal/open questions like this which trigger the more in-depth responses, allowing you to connect with clients on a much greater level.

When it comes to video responses, this is a great way to respond to a client check-in and add that personal touch. Upload your video to the ‘Files’ area and then assign the file to your client.

Video also shows your body language and expression, helping a client to connect with you more.

Find out more about My PT Hub‘s communication tool, Chat, here!

4. Over-deliver for Your Clients

Go Above and Beyond

More than just a quick response time. Is your client going out for a family meal but worried about staying ‘on track’? Check the menu of the restaurant prior to their trip and give them a few options to help them stay on plan. Using the messages feature, break down the options given and why they’re good to go for. Show them your thought process.

Offer Praise

This will come from your check-in process/follow-up videos and may be obvious, but it’s easily overlooked. Take your time when responding to clients, talk them through why you may be making changes and show them their results so far, especially if they’re doing well.

If they’re the type of client that likes public praise, shout about them on your social media channels, re-share their stories!

Celebrate client success to build client retention