4 Ways to Get Noticed as an Online Fitness Coach

As the world wakes up to the possibility of online personal training, more and more fitness professionals are starting to offer online fitness coaching. This is great, but how do you stand out in a growing market place? And how do you help potential clients to pick you over your competitors?

Remember, online you’re competing against personal trainers across the WORLD, not just your local area or gym! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for your online fitness coaching business to thrive.

Here are four great ways to stand out as an online fitness coach…

1. Social Proof

One of the first things that potential clients are going to look for is evidence of your credentials – who have you helped before? What kind of results have they achieved? If you have an excellent track record of results with other clients, make sure you show it! Don’t just tell people how good you are, show them!

Use client testimonials and case studies to enhance your brand and credibility on social media.

P.s. Don’t forget to always ask for permission from your clients before sharing their stories! And even better, why not ask your clients to share the testimonial or case study with their networks too? Word of mouth is just as powerful when it comes to online personal training and fitness coaching as potential clients want to feel like they can trust you before they commit.

2. Stay Professional

Remember that online, the world is watching. If you want to offer a professional service, bear that in mind with your online presence. Keep your social media professional, or at very least keep your personal channels private and separate to your business. You don’t want to put off potential clients by seeming unprofessional on social media.

3. Communication

Online doesn’t have to mean impersonal.

If you get too complacent with your client interactions, they’ll leave and find another trainer.

Make sure you keep on top of client communication. My PT Hub allows you to easily check-in with clients regularly through the Chat feature. Send your clients a dose of motivation or some all-important feedback as an Individual, Group, or Broadcast Message. From a voice note, image, GIF or good old-fashioned written message, make sure you keep up your end of the bargain when it comes to communication with your online clients.

4. Utilise Your Fans

Have you helped change a life? Ask that person for a testimonial!

Everybody expects your Marketing to list your credentials and experience and share with people how good you are, but if someone else is doing it on your behalf, it adds an extra level of persuasion for a potential client and can be a lot more authentic.

With reviews becoming a huge part of a consumer’s purchase decision, ask previous or current clients to feature in a piece of your marketing material- from a blog post, before and after photo to a review or case study, client testimonials are powerful stuff.

If potential clients can see how much you’ve helped another person just like them, it can be very persuasive. Use your fans – they could be your biggest marketing asset!

The Verdict?

Although online personal training is becoming more popular, in particular over the last few months, that doesn’t mean you can’t bag yourself a piece of the action.

Remember, always act professionally online (anywhere that is ‘public’) and show you care by connecting with both existing and potential customers. Most importantly, if you offer a supportive and welcoming service, the possibilities for building a strong online fitness business are completely endless!

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