Chat it Up With Your Clients

A Brand New, Fast and Fun Way to Keep in Contact with your Clients!

It’s safe to say we all know how important it is to keep in contact with each other now more than ever before.

If you’re a Personal Trainer, Gym Owner or Fitness Professional the chances are you’ve used instant messaging a LOT over the last few weeks to check in with your Clients. And will continue to do so even when life gets back to ‘normal’. 

From sending that daily dose of motivation or food inspiration to a quick Group check-in, My PT Hub has just made it a whole lot easier for you to keep in contact with your Clients!

Check-in, Motivate and Build Your Community Using less Apps

Grow Coach to Client Communications

Chat allows you to send Real-time Messages to Individual Clients and Groups with 100% Delivery rates, from directly within your account.

Want to Chat to individual Clients at a time that’s convenient for them? The Chat feature allows you to see who’s Active, Check-in and start a Conversation whilst never missing a message through Real-time ‘is typing…’ and Message Alerts.

Get Personal! Send Images, Voice and Video Messages

Build Stronger and more Personalized Relationships with the ability to send Images, Audio and Video clips directly from the Chat feature. Perfect for when you need to connect with your clients on a more personal level.  

Whether it’s a quick check-in or you need to give Client feedback, Chat allows you to send Images, Voice and Video messages, without having to switch between apps! And all whilst being safe in the knowledge that your data and conversations are completely secure within the platform.

Build your Community

Building up your Community can do amazing things for you and your Clients. 

Creating a Group Chat can help everyone to feel invested in the success of its members. It’s a great way to keep morale and motivation high and sending that daily or weekly Group check-in message can make all the difference. 

Chat allows you to check-in with your Clients with ease, with the option to send Individual Messages to Clients or to the Groups set up in your account, keeping everyone motivated and on track. 

Not only that, you’ll find all your favorites from Emojis (💪) and GIFs to Giphys and Stickers, enabling you to deliver engaging and fun experiences with your Clients!

Link and Assign through Chat

Assign your Workouts & Nutrition Plans to your Clients directly through Chat.

Not only that, Chat allows you to easily stay on top of Client progress as they make their way through their Program, with the ability to send messages directly from Compliance. 

Celebrate Client success when they hit key milestones, or use the Chat feature to give them that little extra push when they really need it! 

Save time with Broadcast Messages

Managing large volumes of Clients? Chat allows you to Broadcast a message to all your clients in one go! 

Whether you want to let them know about a new Package you’ve created or a Promotion you’re running, you can now send a Broadcast message to all of your clients at the same time… Saving you time!

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Tidy Inbox = Tidy Mind!

How satisfying is it when you reach the end of the day and have replied to all of your messages? 

We’ve made it super easy for you to keep your inbox tidy. Chat allows you to Archive or Mute– so there’s no excuse for a messy inbox!

Let’s recap that!

  • Communication: Grow Coach to Client Communication through Real-time Individual or Group Messages with 100% delivery rates!
  • Personalization: Send Images, Voice and Video Messages for a More Personalized Client experience!
  • Community: Send Group Messages and boost Engagement and Fun levels by using Emojis, GIFs, Giphy & Stickers!
  • Link and Assign through Chat: Assign your Workouts & Nutrition Plans to your Clients whilst easily staying on top of Client Compliance!
  • Broadcast: Send Broadcast Messages to ALL your Clients at the same time!
  • Tidy Inbox: No excuses for a messy inbox with option to Archive or Mute messages!

Ready to save time?

Save time straight away! All you need to do is login to your Account, head to your Dashboard and select the new Chat feature to begin. It’s that simple!

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