Coach From Anywhere With My PT Hub

Being a Personal Trainer isn’t easy.
Especially for you gym floor warriors. Working 12+ hours a day, Monday through to Sunday who are now doing so from home online!

It’s hard to find the time to ourselves, let alone to manage and track all clients efficiently!

You need somewhere to manage and track all your clients in one place. Somewhere available at the touch of a button…
Hello My PT Hub!

The My PT Hub app (available on both iOS and Android) allows you to run your business on the go, with ease!

Many trainers around the world have integrated My PT Hub into their fitness business, whether that be for 1-1 clients or even online coaching, and one noticeable factor that we always hear from them is how easy it makes client check-ins, especially when on holiday or away from the comfort of your own home/work environment.

How can I better manage my client check-ins?

If full automation is your thing, the Scheduler feature gives you the ability to allocate specific days for check-ins (along with workouts, nutrition plans and more), prompting clients to update their progress photos and measurements. This is accompanied by a push notification to remind them today is the day. Vital for those forgetful few 😬

If you don’t want to set specific days for check-ins or if clients simply run on a hectic schedule, you can communicate via the messaging feature. Then, when clients wish to check-in, they can simply head to the respected area within their hub and update what’s required of them.

Each time a workout or nutrition plan is logged, measurements updated, new photos uploaded and more, you’re notified via your ‘Recent activity feed’.

I don’t always have access to a laptop

This isn’t an issue!

With the easy to use mobile app, you have the ability to create workouts, check recent activity, message clients, view progress and so much more.

Your clients will also primarily use the mobile app, and with the Custom app feature, you can have your very own branded iOS app icon and Google Play app – giving you all the power of My PT Hub, branded to your business!

What we love about the mobile app is clients literally have a ‘trainer in their pocket’. You’re available at the touch of a button! This gives clients a much greater sense of comfort knowing you’re one click away, along with being able to make adjustments on the fly.

Being able to manage both online and 1-1 clients via the app also means that those 1-1 clients who may only see you once a week still have the ability to ask you questions freely, without having to wait a week each time they need to know what bagels are best to buy! (We’ve all had a similar food-related query when a client is shopping, let’s be honest…)

Visible results!

What’s the best way to view results, other than physically getting stronger in the gym or having to buy a new wardrobe?

Clearly plotted graphs showing changes in bodyweight, weight lifted for specific movements, time spent in the gym and so much more! All available via the ‘Results Tracker’ found within a client’s profile.

Your time as a Personal Trainer is precious. Don’t get caught up thinking that every hour of the day has to be spent on the gym floor. Manage your clients effectively and efficiently through My PT Hub and you’ll soon find more time for yourself, along with being able to deliver the same level of service to your clients.