How to Diversify Your Income as a Personal Trainer

Trainers – it’s time to diversify your personal training income!

Recent events have shaken the fitness industry to the core – like many other businesses, gyms have had to close and as they’re starting to reopen again across the globe, they’re likely to look a lot different for a while. But that doesn’t mean you can’t diversify your personal training income during this time and help your fitness business thrive!

If you’re one of the more forward-thinking trainers, you’ll understand it’s time to diversify your personal training income. You can’t leave your entire fitness business exposed to circumstances out of your control again. Thankfully as a personal trainer, you have a perfect solution – online fitness coaching.

Now is the time to move online to diversify your personal training income

The market for online coaching has just had a HUGE boost and thanks to the lockdown, it has now become part of the public consciousness.

People all over the world have had to adapt by having their usual personal training sessions delivered online, showing potential clients that not only is it possible, but it may even be preferable.

There are business benefits for you as a personal trainer too. Here are five of the more obvious ones…

1. You can offer more services

You can increase your offering by mixing online and in-person clients. Therefore, you can offer more services and work with more people than ever before.

For example Joe Mitton, Owner of MittFit, started offering more online personal training to his clients in the form of virtual group exercise classes during the lockdown. They've been so successful that he's decided to continue offering this as a service, regardless of when the gyms reopen in his area! Website: Instagram: @mittfit_

2. Increase your market size

By mixing online and in-person clients, you can increase your offering by introducing more services and giving potential clients more services to choose from. In turn, this opens up the potential pool of people you can work with as location is no longer a limitation.

3. Pick your hours

Pick your hours – online coaching can be done when you want to. You don’t have to stick to opening hours to send emails or update programs!

Take Ellie Watling, Owner of Ellie Rose Fitness, as an example. Ellie started to increase her online fitness coaching massively during the Covid-19 pandemic. Ellie says she loves being able to offer her clients round the clock support. She uses My PT Hub to check in with her clients or send a quick group update whenever is convenient for her clients (and herself!) Instagram: ellierosefitness_pt

4. Work from anywhere

You can work from anywhere – the laptop lifestyle is within your grasp. If your entire fitness business is online, you can be location independent!

5. Earn more money

Online coaching can be more profitable – no expensive gym rents, no driving to clients, reaching clients from more than just your local area, the list goes on! Therefore, if you want to expand your fitness business, turning to online coaching is a great idea.

Ready to diversify your personal training income?

The reality is the world of personal training is continually changing. If you want to be at the forefront of the change and protect your income from unexpected events, now is the time to get ahead by diversifying your personal training income and growing your online fitness business. It could be the best thing you ever did!

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