Nutrition for Your Fitness Clients, Made Easy

You hear a lot of trainers say “Abs are made in the kitchen” or “You can’t out train a bad diet”, but a lot of coaches find nutrition planning to be time consuming and stressful.

Well say goodbye to countless hours spent creating un-needed PDF files & spreadsheets and hello to nutrition building with My PT Hub!

My PT Hub hold the world’s largest verified nutrition database, containing over 600,000+ food items localised to the user. When clients log nutrition through the app they have the ability to use the barcode scanner, search for a food item manually and select from ‘frequent’ & ‘recent’ logged food items.

Better yet, everything is in one place! Why should you have to open another app to log your nutrition? With My PT Hub everything is built in and in one place, and we don’t charge you extra!

Creating a completely custom nutrition plan for clients is simple! Whichever method you utilise to program clients nutrition whether that be an ‘IIFYM’ approach or a strict plan My PT Hub has you covered!

You can set specific daily calorie targets and even set macronutrient breakdowns via both grams and percentages. Toggle the macronutrients off if you want to set only a daily calorie target!
Amongst setting a calorie target / macronutrients you can also add specific food items to plans. Every added nutrition item will include a full macronutrient breakdown which both you and your clients can see.

Once you have created a nutrition plan, at the bottom of the page you will see the macronutrient breakdown. Here you can see ‘Total’ – (Total calories/macronutrients of food items you have input into the meal plan), ‘Client daily total’ – (the calorie/macronutrient target you have set) and ‘Remaining’ – (the total calories/macronutrients the client has left to log).

Each time a client successfully logs their nutrition this will be pulled into your ‘Recent client activity timeline’ on your hub where you can then directly view what it is your client logged!

“By saving time with My PT Hub I feel like I can give so much more of myself to my clients and I don’t dread writing up plans and setting clients up…” – Emma Howie, Strong Girl Army.

Creating nutrition plans has never been so easy!

  • Everything in one place
  • Set macronutrient / calorie targets
  • Over 600,000+ verified food items
  • Track with ease using the barcode scanner
  • View a full breakdown of what clients consume each day
  • Visibly see any areas clients could make adjustments

Looking to save time managing your 1-1 and online clients? Try My PT Hub FREE for 30 days!

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