Tips for Keeping Your Personal Training Clients Focused

A client will always come to us with an end goal. But sometimes the goal/s can become blurred or overlooked.

As a trainer it’s our job to keep a client on track, heading directly towards that goal! Things are likely to get in the way no doubt, but it’s how you as a trainer deal with these slight obstacles that help to keep your client focused and accountable.

You should make the journey for the client as smooth and simple as possible. Be their guide, be their mentor but most importantly, be their friend.
Connect with your clients, find out more about their life outside of the gym, show interest! This will not only create a stronger bond between you but also help to build trust.

1. Set SMART goals.
One of the most important aspects of goal setting is ensuring that the goals you and your clients set together, are firstly achievable!

What do you mean by ‘SMART’ goals?
S – Specific. Be precise with the goals you set, find out what your client REALLY wants to achieve.
M – Measurable. Set a reasonable time frame the goal can be achieved in. Be honest. Is there a way this goal can be recorded?
A – Achievable. One of the most important aspects of goal setting, is the goal achievable? You want to be setting goals that you know a client is able to achieve with your help. Setting an unachievable goal is only going to set you and the client up for failure.
R – Realistic. Is the goal realistic in terms of time frame, current status and willing to work?
T – Time. Have you designated a valid time frame for achieving the goal? Not enough and the client will feel like they have not only let you down, but their self.

2. Have a plan.
Clients like it when you have everything mapped out in front of them. They like to see you are not only organised but dedicated to helping them achieve.

It’s easy to lose sight of a goal, but with everything pre-planned and ready you’re almost guaranteed to not only keep them excited but prevent them from temptation and swaying off the tracks.
We’ve all done it, had a goal in sight but along the way slipped up slightly. We’re human right?. With a clear plan this will help to prevent any possible slip ups.

3. Listen.
Along the journey there will be signs, now these signs will mostly be good, but on occasion you may notice a sign which gets you thinking “Are they on track?”, “Are they OK?”. This is normal, perfectly normal! Don’t panic, take it in your stride and deal with the issue directly.

Your clients end goal has become blurred or they may not make their designated time frame? Let them know! Instead of keeping in the dark and then having to deal with it last minute, nip it in the bud and deal with the issue instantly! This will help to reassure them and get back on track.

“If it was easy, everybody would do it.”

At the end of the day, have fun, follow the tips above and be yourself!
Most importantly believe in yourself!

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