New Feature: Prepare for Success With Habit Tracker

Introducing Habit Tracker, now available on My PT Hub Premium! Connect with your clients on a deeper level and gain a more holistic view of their progress.

Prepare for Success with Habit Tracker

Support lifestyle and behavioural changes that form healthier long-term habits. Assign habits using pre-built templates or create your own. 

Log and track assigned Habits, like clockworkd

Log and track assigned habits, like clockwork, using in-app and watch alerts. Celebrate client wins and achievements and automatically encourage client habit tracking with notifications and the easy-view client calendar.

Celebrate client wins, however big or small with Habit Tracker

Use Habit Tracker to support more than just fitness, but lifestyle goals too. 💪

What is Habit Coaching?

It’s well documented that it’s said to take 66 days for a new habit to become an automatic part of life. We all wish it would be quicker, but a bit of hard work over a couple of months or so will see potentially life-changing results.

Some habits can take longer to form, and it all depends on the individual. Some will find drinking more water easier than regularly doing 20 press-ups first thing in the morning. The important thing to recognize is that everyone is different.

As personal trainers, it’s important for you to identify what habits will be beneficial for achieving your client’s goals. By introducing Habit Coaching into your program, you can offer a more holistic focus for your clients, that will help achieve behavioral changes, that support your clients’ long-term goals.

Personal trainers can use Habit Tracker to help clients improve their overall lifestyle, and to achieve their personal goals by making small changes to their everyday activities.

Personal Trainer using Habit Tracker with their client

Habits are often minimal in effort, they just require mental resilience and strong support system from coaches- such as reminding your clients to do them each day, or track that they’ve done them!

Over the last few years, Habit Coaching within Personal Training has started to grow in popularity and become a fundamental piece of the puzzle when working with clients to achieve their goals. Not only that, it’s safe to say the pandemic lead to many people looking at their lives differently. With people wanting to focus on more than just their aesthetics, but their overall physical and mental health, Habit Coaching is more important than ever, so we’re super excited to launch our brand new Habit Tracker feature!

The Benefits of Habit Tracking

Habits can help clients’ overall lifestyles outside of the time they spend working with you online or in the gym. They are a crucial part of a more 360 health approach to long-term success for your client.

Habit tracking enables you to work closely and regularly with your client, staying connected to them as they try to make these small but important changes to their lives, on a daily basis.

It is also a useful tool to motivate clients and make them feel accountable for their own progress outside of sessions. Basically, getting them to do their homework! And having these habits in place helps them achieve their wider goals.

Prepare for Success with Habit Tracker

Examples of Trackable Habits

  • Drinking more water
  • Getting more / better quality sleep
  • Reducing screen time
  • Increasing your daily step count
  • Encouraging better preparation for a training session (such as packing your bag and preparing your food the night before)
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Writing in a journal or practicing gratitude
  • Regular exercises – such as completing press-ups / situps every morning
  • Healthy eating, such as getting more fruit and veg into each meal
Log and track assigned Habits, like clockworkd

My PT Hub Habit Tracker

Our brand new Habit Tracker feature enables you to set your clients’ habits to work towards. You’ll find a number of templates you can use, including some of the suggested habits mentioned above, or you can create your own. Habits will be unique to your individual clients so if they’re already getting in their daily 10,000 steps and drinking a good level of water each day, you don’t have to set these goals for that client, you can provide them with the Habits that are most suited to their needs.

Habit Tracker also allows trainers to track client progress and ultimately, supports a more holistic approach to your work with clients.

Celebrate client wins, however big or small with Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker Key Takeaways

  • Within the feature, trainers can create their own habits to assign, or choose from pre-made templates.
  • Coaches can set beginning and end dates for each habit, as well as inform the client how often they should complete a task to help form the new habit. – e.g. “3 times a week, practice mindfulness”.
  • Clients can see their daily / weekly activity list and then track their progress by marking a habit as complete. The trainer then has access to this information too. 

If you are a My PT Hub Premium (V3) user, log in to your account to start using Habit Tracker right away.

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