3 Reasons Why To Monitor Your Fitness Client’s Body Composition

Simon Wilkinson, health expert at Tanita, talks all things body composition and why PTs should be investing more time in understanding their clients’ needs.

Offering a service completely unique to them

Health is completely personal to the individual – and we’re seeing that for a lot of people, the traditional BMI measurements just aren’t accurate or detailed enough for making informed decisions about health and lifestyle choices.

With the use of body composition technology, you can get a really accurate picture of your clients’ body fat percentage, muscle mass, visceral fat and metabolic age, to name just a few. And monitoring these measurements means you can set much more bespoke goals – whether that’s for weight loss, muscle gain, or improved heart health – and measure progress with every individual. 

Keep them motivated and engaged

Every client is different, so the more bespoke your training is, the better for ensuring long-term results. Sometimes clients can hit a brick wall when it comes to seeing the benefits of their training, and it’s at this point that some PTs may notice a dip in retention. 

It may be that they’re focusing on weight loss as a goal, and getting frustrated when they stop seeing the rapid results they initially saw. But by showing them that their efforts aren’t going to waste and that they are actually vastly improving their visceral fat levels and muscle quality – you can keep them motivated and show them the bigger picture of their fitness journey.  

Prove your worth and retain your clients 

With the fitness space full to the brim with influencers offering (sometimes misguided) training advice – having scientifically proven body composition data that gives your clients a set of tangible goals and results can really prove your worth and reassure them the investment is worth it. 

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