How to Deliver 1-1 Remote Personal Training Sessions

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, if you’re a personal trainer or a fitness professional you’ve more than likely been impacted in some way, shape or form. Some more than others but the big question on everyone’s minds is, ‘how do I conduct remote personal training sessions?’.

Well, there are many angles you can look at this question and I’ll break each area down to demonstrate how My PT Hub can help you and your business.

The first thing we need to identify is what type of business you ‘typically’ run. Is it 1-to-1 personal training, do you service small group or ‘buddy’ training sessions or is it predominantly classes / bootcamps that you offer. Over the coming days, we’re going to be detailing how My PT Hub can benefit each of these practices and help digitalise your fitness business, build on client relationships and ultimately, support you in supporting others. So let’s jump in!

Tools to Help Remote 1-to-1 Personal Training

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I think we can all agree that this is one of the most technically difficult scenarios to take solely online but when needed, we adapt and overcome. Therefore, let’s take a look at what My PT Hub has to offer in terms of features, that you as a trainer can make best use of when it comes to 1-to-1 personal training.

Video Workouts

First off, My PT Hub has a vast library of over 7,500 HD Video exercises for you to program from, along with the functionality to add your own exercise videos to add that personal touch. We also have over 500 pre-made workout templates that you can download to your software, free of charge, and edit where you feel appropriate. This means you can get up and running quickly and have your workouts done and dusted, ready to assign to your clients.

Supporting Your Clients Nutrition Remotely

If nutrition is your thing, then feel free to create your client’s nutrition plans using the world’s largest verified nutrition database of over 600,000 food items including localised high street supermarkets and supplement companies.

With the above, your clients can log their workouts and nutrition intake on a daily basis and let you know how they’re getting on through our inbuilt messaging feature.

Live Events to Support Training Your Clients

These tools are awesome at keeping your clients fit and active through such a difficult time. But what if you want to continue training your clients on a 1-to-1 basis and give them the attention and support they need? Then ‘Live events’ are exactly what you’ll be needing. We’ve recently released a live streaming feature within our calendar that allows you and your clients to communicate through the mobile application or your web browser via one of our many integrations. There are a lot of excellent video calling software’s out there that you can easily integrate into you’re My PT Hub calendar. Here are some to get you started: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Vimeo Live, Go To Webinar, Cyberlink U, Webex, Free Conference, Lifesize and Bluejeans.

Once you’ve selected your preferred provider, all you have to do is head into your event booking in you’re my PT Hub calendar and input your stream URL and give your clients any unique access codes they may require in order to keep your training session, private.

All of this can be booked and delivered to your clients through the My PT Hub calendar.

Preparing Your Clients for Remote Personal Training Sessions

woman doing personal training workout online

The next piece of the puzzle is making sure that your clients have everything they need and that they’re going to be safe whilst training, without your immediate physical response. For example:

  • What (if any) equipment does your client have / need?
  • What space do they have available to train in?
  • Is the space they have, hazard free?
  • What footwear should they be wearing (if any)?
  • What is the lighting like in their proposed area of activity?

And finally, once you’re up and running, is their camera set up correctly so you as a trainer, can see everything you need to?

After you’ve done your checks and made sure your client is safe and ready to exercisethen what do they say?

Lights. Camera. ACTION!