Genetic health profiling through at-home DNA test kits is the future when it comes to hyper-personalising training and nutrition plans.

Muhdo is at the forefront of genomic science and its analysis accurately reports on all aspects of genetic risks, gifts and deficiencies – giving you the advantage of knowing exactly what works for you and your client.

We caught up with Personal Trainers Lucy Ellis, Richard Gregson and Ellie Watling who are all looking at ways to improve their client offering and add value to their service. Here’s some of their thoughts about Muhdo’s genetic health profiling…

Why did you choose to do a Muhdo profile?

Richard Gregson: …When I came across Muhdo and what the DNA kit could tell you about your own body I couldn’t wait to try it. It will allow me to make so many beneficial changes to not only help performance but overall health. 

Ellie Watling: I love science, I love to look at stats, etc. – when it comes to training not only myself but my clients too.

What were the key areas that interested you?

RG: One of the main areas that interested me is what it could tell me in regard to muscle building and my body’s response to what rep ranges, rest needed and what type of training is best for me. Also, what supplements and food is optimal for my body. 

EW: All of them, but mostly the diet – especially for my clients, this could be a game changing insight into their progress, immunity, injury risk and health. 

How do you see the Muhdo profile helping you?

EW: As a trainer I feel the profile can make me stand out from competition, to offer a unique service and completely designed for the client. Using the profile to build plans for clients which are completely bespoke to their needs

RG: I think it will help me make changes to my daily life and optimise my training performance, whilst helping injury prevention. It will also allow me to adapt my diet depending on certain food sensitivities and any deficiencies I may have.  

Lucy Ellis: The test can look into a client’s macronutrient responses (carbs, fats and proteins) and this enables the me to better formulate a nutritional plan for the client. 80% of the results come from the kitchen, and the other 20% from movement and training. Focussing the work onto the food side of a test can greatly improve someone’s adherence to a plan – especially if those plans are tasty and satisfying. Similarly, modulating a training plan that suits specific rep ranges or rest days around the DNA of the client can help them to achieve their goals quicker. A client that achieves a goal is going to be a happy client. 

From the Muhdo profile you did what did you find out and what changes did you make?

LE: My DNA response to a “yo-yo” diet is negative – and this means that if I utilise a calorie deficit too quick and aggressive, when I start to introduce caloric surplus again I am more likely to gain body fat. Therefore, to have a more successful dieting phase, I now plan my calories over a longer period to gain weight. 

As a Trainer how do you think the Muhdo profile is going to help you with your clients?

LE: I have had four of my clients use the Muhdo DNA test and app. Two of these were weight loss clients, one was just wanting to improve her health and my other client wanted to gain muscle mass. It was easy to look into their results and the recommended training plans of each to formulate a more comprehensive training plan for the gym. 

RG: It will massively help to benefit their everyday diet and wellbeing, not only will performance be improved because of insight knowledge on what their body needs but the diet side of it can be enhanced to benefit them. 

EW: I think the Muhdo health kit will help to get faster and more sustainable results with clients and help them understand how training and diet affects them, giving them clear aims. I also think supplement recommendation can be a huge benefit and the profile saving a lot of time with trial and error, which so often takes place to find results. 

How do you see Personal Trainers using this for additional income?

RG: [It’s a] great way for a personal trainer or online trainer to have additional income as they are not only selling something that will benefit the client but the test will also help how the personal trainer trains that client.

LE: Often enough clients want quick results and therefore a trial and error method isn’t always suitable. What I look for within my clients is “how can I optimize their health parameters to allow them to meet their goal in a healthy and achievable manner?”. 

We can take some of their guess work out, and genetically personalize a plan for a client, helping them achieve a goal more effectively, and taking value time from the personal trainer in planning. We know that “time equals money” in personal training. 

 EW: I think by selling the kit with the discount offered through My PT Hub makes it possible to make additional income. I also think with the extra knowledge of interpreting the kit into a solid client program gives you an opportunity to charge more than a basic rate. I think if clients really want to work down to DNA they are willing to pay for the extra mile you can go. I think the kits offer a unique insight into a client’s health and wellbeing and many clients will be happy to pay extra for that service. 

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